петок, декември 20, 2002


ania definitivno ima makedonska publika.......koga ke gi vidam stranite od kade sum linkuvana ispaga deka ania ima pretezno makedonska publika, i toa pretezno od sakanata ni dijaspora.......ama vidi vaka....JAS SUM MEGALOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vo sekoj slucaj , blagodaram mnogu na toj (tie) shto mi posvetija 5 cm dolzina na glavnata strana na www.macedonia.eu.org (ups........koga proveriv ispaga deka voopshto ne bila glavna).......treba li da se pocustvuvam slavna??????? avtogrami delam vo bitola nedela navecer, ne znam kade i ne znam vo kolku saatot.....vo sekoj slucaj pred 12 bidejki thanx to Mr. Crnomarov vo bitola vo 23h niz sirok sokak pominuvaat nekolku marici i se custvuvam kako vo izrael, ili vo avganistan........ili pak kako vo bitola, seedno.
piushuvajki go ova se mislam za shto pobrzo da s fatam bidejki denes vo 19h odiseja u vozu del 38mi.....sfetot e MoJ!, odnosno -Katowice-budimpeshta-belgrad-Skopje-bitola i 3 dena vo delirium i potraga po pernica se pred mene. Koga ke razmislam shto dobivam posle tie 3 dena pak zaklucuvam deka se isplati. Imam prekrasna pricina da se vrakam povtorno i povtorno.


and a little translation of this post:complete bore as always, you are lucky you don't know macedonian.

PLUS TOA.... bitola means, no kompjuteri, no interneti i no loosing time on this blog!!!!! so dissapointed macedonian public ke mora da ceka edno 3 nedeli (ili poveke ) za nareden upload od 3 reda.

kako i da e vo slucaj da ne cestitam:SREKEN BOZIK NA KATOLICITE (go slavam), SREKNA NOVA GODINA(na cel svet osven na kinezite oti mu go zedoa na Wroclaw expoto vo 2010 i rekoa deka imame shansa vo 2015 ama jas togash ke bidam penzioner), i SREKEN BOZIK NS PRAVOSLAVNITE (cestitkite gi redam hronoloshki....i ovoj go slavam.......nie meshancite ne odevme nA UCILISHTE pocesto od cistite rasi)

i vratete se pak.....normalno

понеделник, декември 16, 2002

I am adding medialist...and btw, I am loaded with work and curious about next 3 weeks, can't wait. CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

I am writing some stuped things for college, the deadline is tommorow I still have some 7-8 pages to finish it....it will go somehow I hope, I only care about passing the damn semester, the grades are not my aim. ....k back to coding.

the train tickets are like 30 percent more expencive than last summer........so there is only one solution to thi sproblem...I am taking a god-damn bus and pray everything to be all right. How much is a ticket from Berlin to Skopje????

петок, декември 06, 2002

it turns out that my blog is doing just fine:)).........and I hope it will or else.....$%%^^#^&&*(&
another not so happy day
1. my mobile phone died.....rest in peace, so together with not having a computer and tv I am also isolated and don't have a phone....
2. something happened with my blog.....the blogger wants to delete it???????.........WHAT IS GOING ON ??? IS THIS SOME SORT OF A CONSPIRATION OF THE WORLD HIGHEST POWER AGAINST ME OR WHAT???????MAKE IT F STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOO NERVOUS TO WRITE.....nothing to add anyway.....2 weeks to MK.

недела, декември 01, 2002

I infected the computer. It is completely fucked now. At the same time, my tv broke.....and I spent the last two days reading a book. Only 50 pages left for the white teeth....and Grimus (Rushdie) is next on the reading list
/we had a nice St. Andrew evening. We were foretelling the future with a wax. You have to melt the wax and then pour it though a hole in a key to some plate full of water and wait. Then guess what shape has the wac. Does it remind you or something???? You can put the wax figure opsite the wall and try ot guess the shpe from the shadow that it leaves. I first got a heart, and then it transformed into stupid turtle.The future will be boring as the past. Sad but true. Actually I havent done anything for school.........again.

четврток, ноември 28, 2002

100 things about Ania:)

1.I was born in Wroclaw, Poland.
2.I have lived in three towns.(Kavadarci, Wroclaw, Bitola)
3.I live in Poland
4.I have lived in three towns and in two countries in 21 years.
5.I don't work (still studying)
6. I am fourth year English philology student.
7. I am first year hotel menagment student.
8. I am an english teacher.
9.I want to have my own club in future.
10. I sing in front of the mirror.
11. I think I am internet addict.
12.I am not allergic to anything.
13. I am taurus.
14. I am short -sighted on one eye and on the other eye long-sighted:)
15. I hate sport
16.I am not a vegetarian.
17. Lately, I adore to sleep as longer as possible.
18. I travel to Macedonia at least 2 times a year.
20. I enjoy horror movies....and then П often do research about the negative characters on the net.
21. I like reading Trainspotting ( I have read it more than 20 times in my life)
22. I love different kind of music.
23. I adore RADIOHEAD.
24. I have a 7 years old jacket and I still wear it and not intend to throw it.
25. I love onion.
26. My favourite season is summer.
27. I adore AEGEAN Sea.
28. Н have only been to the dentist 3 times in my life.
29. I used to go to goa trance parties.
30. I don't have a nickname
31. In Poland, people have difficulties with my surename
32. In Macedonia with my name.
33. I love internet forums
34. I love irc
35. The only world famous people that I have seen in my life were Bill and Hillary Clinton and Nick Cave.
36. Once upon a time I took part in a tv quiz and I cheated....and won....but there were no awards:(
37. I cheat from other people's blogs so as to find something more to add because I am too lazy to be original.
38. I believe in God.
39. I smoke L&M lights at the moment
40. I also drink coffee at the moment (and 2 times plus a day)
41. I think COKE is better than PEPSI
42. I hate pepsi
43. I am not saying this because coca-cola paid me.
44. I love kebabs with onion. and shopska salad
45. I love red sour wine.
46. I love beer.
47. Sometimes I love doing nothing for few days.
48. After watching Jerry Springer Show I never thought of migrating to America.
49. I am a pacifist.
50. Sometimes I watch tv, chat and study at the same time....and I love it.
51. I love to read.
52. I once played the piano.
53. I also sung in a choir.
54. I own a driving licence but I don't think that I know how to drive.
55. I hate handy work.
56. Once I ( and many others ) thought that I draw pretty good.
57. In that period somebody stole my Jim Morrison portrait and I was so proud of it.
58. I would like to go to a tarot reader.
59. I am in love
60. I love going to cinema.
61. I am an english language tutor.
62. I don't think I am good at it.
63. I hate beeing drunk
64. I love beeing in control of myself
65. I think I am better in writing than in reading
66. I never revise what I write.
67. I plan to publish a book one day.
68. I would like to live in NY(Jerry Springer exception)
69. I will travel through whole Europe one day.
70. I have a younger brother
71. I learned the greek alphabet 3 days ago, and I don't think I remember it now.
72. I have never eaten sushi.
73. legalize it.
74. I love the sound of the rain with a bit of lightenings now and then.
75. П would like to live in the 20's ( I watched once upon a time in America yesterday and fall in love for De Niro)
76. I have spent more than half of my high-school time in Visage, in Bitola
77. I adore sitting in the park in summer in Bitola.
78. My blood type is A+
79. I have seen every movie with Johney Deep.
80. I am not irritated easily but when I am irritated then the whole world knows it....
81. I love to talk about myself. ( that is not good)
82. I think I enjoy this
83. I often want to be some place else.
84. I am nostalgic and melancholic
85. I am choleric-flegmatic at the same time.
86. I swear too much......u pichku mater
89. I am not good in saving money
90. I don't understand the fuss about Harry Potter....it's just a normal children's book, nothing special.
91. П sometimes talk to myselr.
92. I am writing this for an hour
93. I am lousy in telling jokes
94. I love my family
95.I believed in Santa Clause since I was 8.....and the truth was a trauma to me:(
96. I worked two times as a waiter, and the second time I was fired:)
97. I would like to go to Disneyland
98. I am proud myself because I last till the end of this.
99. And I really think I loved doing this
100. And in the end.....I really looooove life.
I am adding some more links connected to my everyday life such us Wroclaw web page, University of Wroclaw....and some night clubs in Wroclaw.
There is a english version so if you don't know polish that is not an excuse not to visit these sites....

среда, ноември 27, 2002

from here.......sorry


my blog comes in the 3rd page:((((((

this is a discovery that somebody made......and was astonished by it

"Today I learned that Macedonia, the republic, has little to do with that other Macedonia. Not only that, but that, apparently, greeks and macedonians disagree on this point, making the whole thing infinitely more complicated than I ever intended to discover. Darn. I feel like the guy who finds out that he's been singing the lyrics to his favorite song wrong all these years."

and this comes from here
currently I am making a research of blogs in made by macedonians of people living in macedonia or in which at least macedonia is mentioned:)

my results so far:acedonia, militare italiano ucciso da una mina - ... iava.net | Mondo | Macedonia, militare italiano ucciso da una mina ... Ma adesso, cosa importa. iava.net | Mondo | Macedonia, militare italiano ucciso da una mina ...
http://www.iava.net/mondo/020509c.htm search within this site


A Skeptical Blog - ... Be the first person that reads this blog to actually give me advice on how it looks. Don't be afraid, speak up. ... 10 CIA Double Deals In Macedonia. Sources: ...

just an old guy blogging about the news of the world:)

"MACEDONIA FOR THE MACEDONIANS" - The adventures of... Friday, October 04, 2002. "Suddenly he didn't want to see his friends - the killers of their fathers' dreams. ...
http://mattorefice.blogspot.com/ search within this site

this one is about some un soldier I suppose who is in Macedonia in this moment.....only two posts, but the last post was concernig his visit in some macedonian village, so I don't believe he has an access to internet

World Cup Blog - Follow the Action: Emerging Nations - ... Before the World Cup started a group containing Turkey, Slovakia, Macedonia and Liechtenstein looked like a pretty good draw, but after the way Turkey have ...
http://www.worldcupblog.org/wcarchives/000284.html search within this site


BunkoSquad :: building yesterday's tomorrow, today : weblog, blog ... - ... navigate: about | don't get me started | 100 movies | ballpark reviews | small projects | blog 72. ... music?!? WATG, Macedonia, where disco lives forever... ...


I couldn't find anything interesting for me here....

Blacksprite: SAS blog V6.0 Return of the Stone Angel - ... math at the University of Tennessee, even though she was born in Macedonia like my ... my site only need type in the index address and follow the link to my blog! ...
http://www.xentrik.net/stoneangel/blog/archive7.html search within this site

a girl of macedonian origin who lives in Canada, she calles her sister Biljana-Bianka:(......too bad

throwingshadows.com - if we blog it, they will come © - ... Powerful image editing for nada. England continue to confirm their mediocrity with a dismal display against those footballing goliaths, Macedonia. ...

ok.I wanted to add a comment system but this hallo scan thing is too complicated....and maybe some other time....thanx anyway

вторник, ноември 26, 2002

Redneck Neighbor

this is an absolute mustsee!!!!!

There are crazy people in this world, I really thought that the whole idea of this side was very rude, but curiosity won,and what I saw......cannot be compared to anything that I expected.

in other words: My beautifull neighborhood (go and see I won't tell anything else)

Saturday-8: "This, This, this and this...It all has to go...."

Over the next week, especially within the United States, between holidays and just general conversation, we will be taking a look at things that are good within the context of our lives and thinking of things for which we should be thankful. All of the good things we are supposed to want to keep. Well, this week's Saturday Eight, are about things we want to or will change or get rid of in our lives.

  1. We all know at least one person personally who we believe is not conducting their lives properly or at least in the way we want them to conduct. Now the control is in your hands. First, what exactly is this person doing wrong? What would you do now that you are incontrol? Is this entirely for their benefit or does it benefit you too?

    I wont'c change anybodys life, and I don't want anyone to personally intevene in mine. Yes, there are few persons...I tell them openly what do I think about their behavior, but after all, it's their life....if they ask for a favour they get it, if not....I remind them, if still nothing, then.....well they are all adults, responsible for themselves:(

  2. Name something about yourself personally that you should get rid of but probably will not ever be able to change and then tell why?

    NOTHING AT ALL......I AM IDEAL. :))))))))

  3. Whenever we open up our closets, it is almost universal that there is something in there that we should probably throw away. In the closet that is your mind and your heart, what do you need to throw away? What is this that you are hiding and really shouldn't anymore? Why are you hiding it and holding on to it?

    I am devoted to some things, and I will propably be devoted to them forever.If it doesn't involve hurting somebody else and of course myself....there is no need of pushing them away.

  4. Speaking of hiding, what is the biggest current lie in your life? It can be your lie or a lie that you are living and protecting that was created by and for someone else? Why do you continue to live it? Under what circumstances was it born? (You may be vague on some of the description of the lie in order to avoid to much trouble.)

    too personal

  5. Now, here is a chance to be a little charitable. Pick something that is a good in your life and give it away to someone who you thinks probably would deserve it as much, if not more, than you. What is it? Why has it been so good for you? Why are you willing to let it go? What do you think it will do for the next person? How do you think you would do without it?

    the only thing that I own and will use the others are some books that I have....but on the other hand, nobody guarantees that they will have the same influence as they had on me. I borrow them on request.....if something else is requested???mostly, depends on who's asking:)

  6. This is a question that can be asked a thousand times and a thousand different ways. Imagine one person in your life, they could be very central to you or a bit more peripheal, but you just might not need them anymore. No names are necessary, what are they to you. Why do you keep them around? Why should you probably not keep them around anymore? Will you ever really let them go?

    Everybody's free to do whatever he or she wants. I don't think I am pushing somebody to be in any kind of relationship (not talking about work and study) with me....people come, people go....only the real ones stay

  7. This is just a question. Which is better, to live life with every things that you could want or need or could possibly be good for you or to live like without anything that ever could be bad for you in your life?

    and for the stupid questions I give stupid answers.....it depends, it depends, ooooooooh yes it depends.....god knows on what....but still it depends
There is a new playground next to my block. More precisely, two of them. One in front of my block, in the yard of the kindergarten and the other right next to it. Beautiful. I live opposite this big building and besides dormitories. It’s a quiet street but it can get loud sometimes because of the drunk students coming back from downtown, singing aloud. I live on the first floor, I hear everything. Every move on the street is a signal of alert to me. And students are heard from far, far away. They are forgiven anyway, I can recall few nights when me and my friends were behaving in such a way, but on somebody else’s street. I have a nice cheap shop nearby, and an all-day shop, and a bazaar, they sell cheap cigarettes in Arena (shopping center) and my friend brings me L&M lights from Belarus, for just 3.50..who needs more...pizza planet nearby, I‘ve never been there but it is there just in case I feel I want to eat some pizza (perhaps once in ten years).....isn’t this an ideal place to leave. There are 3 cyber cafes near, I don’t know why do they need that much....but still they exist and are full. I hate cyber-cafes. You cannot listen to your favorite music, you can’t smoke, you can’t eat and make dinner at the same time, you cannot watch television at the same time:) Doing-100-things-at-the-same-time is my middle name. Nice to meet you.

thank you for reading my useless post.

Tony Blair I heard, was pronounced to be “the British of all times”????
May I ask for what????? And princess Diane was ahead of William Shakespeare???? What is happening to Britain today? David Bekham, place 33....that really suprised me.

Currently reading: Zadie Smith, White Teeth, page 120+something:)....and so far, heartily recommending. 1 000 000 readership in Britain, this is something that has to be explored.

понеделник, ноември 25, 2002

Nowhere Girl part ...another thing I discovered today, an on-line comic, a good one.
"the Secret Book", a movie that I am waiting for a long time, made by people who I know and I respect, therefore I hope they will make a great movie about Macedonia.You can read about the movie in english, macedonian and in french. The movie is joint production of MAcedonia, France and Holland.The leading role will be played by Thierry Fremont. Bitola will be a special guest star in it:))) (as always)

did you know that Bitola has strarred in many Hollywood movies. Especially imitating Sarajevo:)Ok not so many, I lied. The only I can think of is The Peacemaker with George Clooney and ex-wife of Tom Cruise:)

сабота, ноември 23, 2002


FIRST, I just came back from amazing concert in Wroclaw filcharmony, I listened to "Planets" by Gustav Horst....it was really marvellous, I think I should visit this object more often in future, it is a different feeling to hear it live. I adored the parts about Neptune, Saturn and especially Jupiter.

SECOND, I have a computer.....so that means....more more more more and still moooooooore posts

THIRD, and in the same time the main reason why I am so excited is the search engine refferers from my blog stats.....most of them are really ridiculous....to quote some of them: Google: dinara 2002 guestbook
20 Oct, Sun, 03:46:18 Google: online shoping belgrad
21 Oct, Mon, 11:07:24 Google: zeleznicka stanica Skopje
24 Oct, Thu, 06:45:35 Yahoo: kafane macedonia
28 Oct, Mon, 09:57:12 Yahoo: gisha photo
31 Oct, Thu, 04:56:24 Google: polni serbia
03 Nov, Sun, 14:33:23 Google: autobus beograd skopje
04 Nov, Mon, 06:41:03 Google: "Best Alternative Ballads"
04 Nov, Mon, 17:49:43 Google: something died inside me today
04 Nov, Mon, 21:23:33 Google: skopje+prostitutki
06 Nov, Wed, 22:27:42 Yahoo: love sms on macedonian
09 Nov, Sat, 03:26:25 Yahoo: help with college entrance questionare
14 Nov, Thu, 15:05:24 Google: idealist(nf) + career
16 Nov, Sat, 19:01:55 Google: opis na rabotata
17 Nov, Sun, 00:45:31 Google: "so maki sum se rodila"
17 Nov, Sun, 13:33:20 Yahoo: razglednici od ohrid
18 Nov, Mon, 14:20:26 Yahoo: hoteli v makedoniji ohrid
19 Nov, Tue, 18:37:34 Yahoo: shoping addiction
23 Nov, Sat, 16:34:25 Yahoo: I want buissness with Macedonia

I especially adore the buissness with MAcedonia......and little sorry that it wasn't specified what kind of buissness he or she was interested in....

anyway, having stats is really interesting sometimes!

have a nice sathurday evening, I won't, classes tommorow.

сабота, ноември 16, 2002

when you don't have anything to write about and you are desperate to add a new entry.....just take a few online tests........they are practical sometimes I must say

sad but true????????????

I will quit one day.....maybe

your smoking will result in the cancer of the lung. sorry, matey. paste this code in your livejournal as a cautionary note to your friends.

take the death quiz.

and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

недела, ноември 10, 2002

half the month has gone again....so many things have happened in thew world lately, nothing new in my life as usual. I still don't have a computer and apart from that the one that I am writing on right now really makes my eyes hurt, I don't know why. I guess everything is against me writing this blog. It's not that I have something to write about at this moment but always something. It's getting cold and my flat's windows let the cold air come into my place....it's not interesting to sleep in my room. Anyway lately I ve bought myself new jeans, recorded few more tapes and cds and made some plans for the near ( new year's eve future)........I really like spending my time on dreaming. I was in cinema twice and I first saw " 8 women" that I heartly recoment to all of you reading this. Secondly, I saw " minority report" this week and it was nicer than I expected, I must say that I was pleasantly suprised. I don't adore Spielberg but I respect his, his ideas are always so interesting.....
Currently reading " Wide Sarragosso Sea" by Jean Rhys, making a pause from Rushdie....and that will be about everything worth mentioning on this blog for now. enough is enough anyway :)

среда, октомври 30, 2002

just A LITTLE hello with capslock for you from me today. damn it I need a computer and I need it soon. trust me, not for the blog....I really need to work on it!

сабота, октомври 26, 2002

Saturday-8: "The Holidays Are Near"

  1. What is your favorite Holiday? Why?

    new year, maybe because of the amount of alcohol and the time you are given to become sober again

  2. What is your least favorite Holiday? Why?

    valentine's day, in macedonia we have st. trifun day on the 14th of february, the other name of the holiday is " the drunkard's day". I don't think there is a need for further explanations. Away with the hearts and rosey teddy bears, drink good wine and stay in the park

  3. Share with us one Thanksgiving and why it was so special.

    another stuped american-centered questionairre. I would really like to share the last Ilinden with you more.....but since I am not given a chance:(

  4. Share with us a joyful Christmas and why it was so special.

    every christmas is special, and the most special is the santa claus who still comes to our home eventhough nobody believes in him anymore

  5. Share with us a crazy New Year's and why it was so special.

    shortly speaking-a night with candles, no electricity, no phone, even no music, no wood for the

  6. Share with us a sexy Valentine's Day and why it was so special.

    oh my god, I can't believe I am actually answering this stupid qstions!!!!!!!!

  7. If you are not into the Holidays... share a recent family get-together and why it was so special.


  8. And last, but not least.... write a list of 3-things that you want for Christmas :)

    MORE MONEY I will by everything I need by myself. People rarely give me practical presents. I would use some cd collection and yes.....a proper pc so I won't need to go to my mother's and write from there.

вторник, октомври 08, 2002

Saturday-8: "When I was a Kid..."

  1. What was your favorite song? Do you remember it word for word now?

    too many of them I guess....but there was one I remember....it went like this "I never know what made you go away how can I keep searching when dark clouds hide the day, I only know that nothing is left for me, nothing in this wide world left for me to see.....but I keep on waiting till you return"....and so on

  2. What was your favorite cartoon? If you watch cartoons now... what is your current favorite?

    the one and only " the last unicorn" with the most wonderful music
    it is my current favourite too also " Anastasia" I cried when I first saw it ( I was 18 then)

  3. What was your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Do you still like that dish?

    corn flakes.....I don't eat breakfast now

  4. Were you scared to look under the bed or at the closet @ night? Why or why not?

    no but I always had to sleep close to the wall. I felt more protected then.and also I always had to be covered with something...another self protecting ritual

  5. Who was your first crush? Do you still know the person?

    ooooooooohhhhhhh........a long and boring story, I know him but we hate each other veeeeeeeery much

  6. If you "celebrate" Halloween... what was your favorite costume?

    there was no halloween in macedonia

  7. Were you a daydreamer? What did your daydreams consist of?

    i wanted to be a goddamn singer....but nothing turned out .....i still sing to my neighbours ( i mean they have to listen to me, they don't have a choise)...poor them

  8. As a kid... what age did you think was sooooo old? What age do you think is OLD now?

    it was always like 2-3 older then I actually was.......I think I am old now........21.......i have to retire soon

петок, октомври 04, 2002

it's just one of those days. Still dealing with the fact that I haven't earn a penny ( grosz, dena...whatever).Lately i discovered that I enjoy boredoom. And I also discovered that I don't want to kill myself because of some record that I don't have money to buy.

No, I am not begging you for charity and that's why I close this subject at least till the next post.

But understand me, autumn is coming and I already mentioned how much I hate autumn. And the damn leaves are falling and thos wind&rain kind of crap.....yuk!

When I see that most of you come to visit the blog only by accident....and don't feel good ABOUT it at all. Would somebody try to make me happier????Lately most of the refferals come from google, the search engine that will always lead you to the wrong track, don't believe it.Looking for an inspiration on what to write I often wander around other blogs and see how other people handle it. Some of them ( thank you god) are worse than me, and some of them are far, far better. I know that somebody can devote his life to write a blog, I am not that kind of people. Anyway, I love having this blog and I intend to have it for as long as it is possible....1.5 year is far to little to discuss my blogging career. Wait till I get more serious....if you come here, ocasionally....again

недела, септември 29, 2002

сабота, септември 28, 2002

huh....here I am back in Poland.
The blog was deserted by me and by you but from now on..at least I am going to stay here for good. Still waiting for a new modem to change the look of the blog for the autumn (god I hate autumn)

The news is

I am back, I am a 4th year student now (i mean from tuesday) and I begun hotel menagment school today. It's not very intellectual but it's really interesting so far. My TV is not working so I visit my parents more often so I can see whoever some new junk mail that I have to delete every ******* day.


the autumn resolution

I need to :

1. loose some weight
2. find myself some subject for M. A thesis (if anything comes into your mind please let me know)
3. SAVE SOME MONEY and I think it is the hardest part of it all. I mean if I am about to save some money I need to stop smoking, eating, drinking, meeting my friends, don't go to college, not going out of my flat at all.......or finding some classes (I don't have any by now...ok I am only 3 days here)....Anyway if I don't find classes it will be a reaaaaaaaaaaaal disaster....I mean a REAL one.

another news is that my room-mate leaves so I have to search for a new one...

the only conclusion of what I have written so far iiiiiiiis-I HATE AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


четврток, август 01, 2002

and it is allright.here I am again in internet cafe " Mreza" in Bitola (they paid me for the commercial:) finally decided to write something here. I surf the net 2-3 times a week (addiction is addiction) but I don't want to write anything here. I am used to writing in home atmosphere where nothing is bothering me and the net-cafe is not the best place to write a blog....so that's why this post is going to be short

I just wanted to say that I am vry happy. I hope it won't rain tommorow because I will go on holiday in Ohrid. I am looking forward to it so much!!! i can't wait. I am really enjoying myself here and I hope u do to

петок, јули 12, 2002

sitting in the room and waiting for the 11th hour to come. I am leaving today. From Sunday,,,,everything will be allright.
Shel Silverstein


She drank for a bottle called DRINK ME
And up she grew so tall,
She ate from a plate called TASTE ME
And down she shrank so small.
And so she changed, while other folks
Never tried nothin' at all.

and now beware......gosh these quezees are contagious disease.

Take the Disney Villain Test Now!!

this is something that I tried to publish on bagra.net.mk but I don;t know if they will accept it. It is in macedonian, sorry:

Leto dojde i taka nie studentite koi studirame 1800 km na sever si gi sobirame pljackite i bidejki dzebot ni e moshne plitok se parkirame na zeleznicka i cekame da dojde vozot za Budapest Keleti (ili Nuigati zavisi od godishnoto vreme). Ova shto sleduva e opis (ili sumiranje) na moite pateshestvija po vozovite na sredna i balkanska Evropa. (mnogu e dolgo!!!)


22h, Wroclaw. Zeleznickata od nadvor izgleda vpecatlivo. Ne ja stavile dzabe na razglednici. Od drugata strana svetat neoni koi mi poracuvaat "Dobro Vecer vo Wroclaw". Jas, mojot ranec i mojot vokmen edvaj cekame da se istrebime od Polska a ke se istrebime za nekolku saati.

Opis na zeleznickata odvnatre...odnosno...prostitutki, narkomani koi na koi vecno im bega vozot i morat da „soberat pari za sledniot expres”, bezdomni koi veke si nasle mesto za spienje ili gi kolnat patnicite za toa deka tie odat na odmor a bezdomnite nemat pari za leb ( a za alkohol sekogash im stignuva). Mirizbata e meshana-miris na 2 godini nekapeni luge plus evtini restorani/ Gulabi letaat. Nasekade soopshtenija koi te potsetuvaat da si go skiresh paricnikot vo vnatreshniot dzeb.

23h Pristignuva "Bem". Mojot prekrasen voz koj ke me odnese do Budimpeshta. Go gledam kako da e "streetcar named desire"....i vleguvam vnatre....odnosno se turkam za da vlezam a bidejki vozot doaga od kojznae kade veke cel e poln i Ania treba da se turka, tepa, gazi , pcue i na krajot da moli i place da najde mesto vo nekoe kupe. Ama vo red. Ania sednuva vo kupeto i trga. Vo vozot najcesto se vozat vojnici (jas togash gi nacekuvam) koj se vrakaat doma na otsustvo, bezdomni bez noze i race (ako si invalid imash besplaten transport), studenti koi se vrakaat doma za vikend i pijanici koi pijat ovoshno vino i pridonesuvaat za edinstvenata atmosfera vo vozot. Vo sekoj slucaj vozot trgnuva i jas go cekam toj moment (za nekolku saati ) koga site ke se istrebat po malite gradcinja niz koi vrvi vozot i ke ostanam vo Ceshka veke sosema sama ako ne vo vozot togash vo Kupeto sigurno.

Ceshka i Slovacka:

Kako shto napishav, kupeto e prazno. Moite roditeli me bodrat so sms-i da ne zaspijam i da ne me ograbat. Jas se obiduvam na sekakov mozen nacin da ne zaspijam. Go dopivam kafeto od termosot. Za 1 sat (3 a.m) spijam kako gulab. Vo meguvreme se slucuva slednoto (granica sredno na 1 saat):

-na sekoi 15 minuti moram da go pokazam biletot

-na sekoj polovina saat vleguvaat misteriozni uniformirani lica i mi svetat so baterija v oci i mi zboruvaat neshto na nerazbirliv za mene jazik.

-doaga The Conducterka....a the conducterka bidejki stalno koga ke patuvam (3 pati godishno vo 2 pravci) e tuka za da mi kaze (a toa veke go razbiram bidejki posle toa garant ne zaspivam)”Kako moziesh da spiesh. Ti ne znaesh deka ovde ima cigani i imaat gas za paraliziranje. A ti si spiesh. Nemoj da si zaspiela, mozat da te ograbat, silovaat, ubijat.....” (sloboden prevod od ceshki)

-Posle toa mi e strav da izlezam vo hodnikot da zapalam cigara i pocnuvam da pusham vo kupe. Normalno me opomenuvaat deka ke treba da plakam kazna. Se pravam deka ne gi razbiram.

Ungarija: (na nashki Madzarska)

Budapest Keleti. 9h. Nekade pred 6 se osmeliv da zaspijam. Vo 8.30 (togash veke se vleguva vo budapest) veke sum budna i gotova da izlezam. Vo meguvreme BEM se polni so madzari koi odat na rabota ili na ucilishte. Vleguvaat bezobrazno vo moeto kupe, me razbuduvaat i neshto komentiraat.....ama da me otepash nishto ne gi razbiram.

Sleguvam na zeleznicka. Kupuvam rezervacija za „AVALA” so koja ke patuvam do B eograd. Zeleznickata e mnogu pogolema od Wroclawskata ama nishto pomalku smrdena. Ovde ke gi pominam narednite 4 sati. Go ostavam mojot ranec na bagaz (600 forinti), kupuvam kafe (80 forinti) i
a. fakam metro i odam da go zirnam parlamentot mi koj go obozavam.
b. odam na Vaci i jadam vo McDonalds (bidejki tamu sum sigurna deka ke jadam neshto shto nema da bide cudno i skapo)
c. sedam vo cekalna i zaspivajki se obiduvam da citam.

Razmenuvanjeto na pari e prikazna za sebe. Cekajki red za da razmenam pari doagaat crnomurestite cickovci (od romsko i arapsko poteklo) koi nudat marki, dolari, hoteli, taxi...... i gi zboruvaat site jazici!!!!

vo 13.26 pristignuva gordosta na jugoslovenskiot zeleznicki transport AVALA. Intercity koj od Viena odi za Belgrad.

Vleguvash vo Avala. Tvoeto mesto (spored biletot za koe si platil mnoooooooogu pari) e zafateno od nekoja Srbinka koja se vraka od shoping vo Viena i razgovara so druga takva Srbinka pushejki malboro i citajki vikend romancinja. Niz vozot trcaat 3jazicni 10 godishni decishta koi se najcesto Albanci koi ziveat vo Viena a odat za Beograd.

Vo vozot se slusha najcesto srpski. Ungarcite se malcinstvo. A vo vozot ima restoran i mozesh da si kupish na primer KENBACH!!!!!!!!! (ama ne pitaj za kolku pari)Ednash Ania sakashe da se luksuzira i da se napie kafe i trebashe da plati 120 dinari (suze krijem same teku beshe rabotata). Kafeto beshe odvratno!

SRJ: Subotica-Kelebija. Najdosadniot del od patot. Ni tamu ni vamu. Vozot stoi bukvalno 2 sati na granica zaradi tipicni balkanski pricini(odnosno pijat kafe, igrat karti i slicno)

18h......Balkane Balkane Balkane moj.....ovde pocnuva Balkanot. Izleguvash od zeleznicka (pred 2 godini bidejki zaradi prekrasnoto NATO od Novi Sad Do Belgrad n emashe voz) i heading to avtobuska. Ne treba mnogu da se macish duri da stignish bidejki toa e nasproti. I vleguvash vnatre i doma si. Prvo ti trebat 5 minuti da se svestish kade si bidejki cadot na cigarite go doveduva cuvstvoto na orientacija do minimum. Posle tie pet minuti ja custvuvash celata privilegija na Wild Balkan pod imeto „of mori Ceco”. Cela avtobuska ti e u stvari od kafane do kafane. Kasierkite pijat kafe 24/7 i bASH su pricali o direktoru autobuske stanice kada ti ono doooooooooodzesh (vojvodina: nategnuvame akcent do maksimum) i onooooo traaaaaaazish biiiiiiiilet do BEEEEEEEograda. I ondak izadzesh ti lepo na peron da cekash na autobus a tamu ispracaju Gisu u vojsku. I placat kornat: majki, zeni i sestri (posebno sestri). Vleguvash vo avtobus, i stoish. Ti velat:”ne se sekiraj, za brzo vreme nekoj ke slezi pa ke sednesh”. Po izvesno vreme ti prioga Gisha (toj od vojskata).” Ja danas idem u vojsku. Idem u planinu. Oni tamu ne daju ti da jedesh. Morash da jedesh ono shto sam ulovish, odnosno gushtere i zmije. AAAAAAAh kuku meni, a odakle si ti? Iz makedonije. Jeste, Makedonija je lepi kraj. Bio sam nekad u Skopju na ekskurziju”.....milina.....da ne mozesh da se docekash „Jel oces sa mnom da se napijesh? Napij se vina. Vi u Makedoniji imate dobro vino.” ..........Posle edno 15 minuti cel avtobus go blagoslovuva Gisha deka im ja brani tatkovinata a pola avtobus e pijan. Gisha donese vino za cel avtobus.

20h Beograd.

Prvo Novi Beograd. Polovina voz se ispraznuva. Konecno moze da se dishe. Gradot izgleda ubavo navecer. Posle 15 minuti na zeleznickata stanica ja prepoznavam starata lokomotiva koja stoi tamu ushte od moeto rano detstvo (od mala sum po zeleznicki:), i starite dobri cekalni (prve klase, druge klase, cekaonica za majke sa decom itd)....normalno rade do 19. Sada je 21 h. Voz kasni (kao i uvek)......zaigrali se granicari u Subotici.

Sleguvash.....slushash ponuda za taxi od site vozmozni strani. Nekoj nudi da go nosi tvojot ranec.Ti si pomisluvash....pa zarem postojat dzentlemeni na svetot......biiiiiip....greshen odgovor.... Samo 100 dinara druze. Go isprakash onamu kade shto pripaga.

21.15.....od krajot na posledniot peron dotrcuvash do prviot. Gledash voz. Pishuva Beograd-Skopje-Solun. Tvojot son se ispolni: go fati vozot za Skopje.

Pred samoto trgnuvanje.

Bukvalno trgnuva koga ti se kacuvash vo prviot vagon a toj u stvari e spavaca.

Prashuvash kolku koshta kushetka.

Devojko nema kushetki ( se potroeshea)......imash spavaca......ok .....spavaca neka e.....

Vleguvash vo tvoeto sopstveno Kupe. Vnatre ima krevet, postelnina, CESMA!!!!!!, i mozesh da go napolnish telefonot. So eden zbor se custvuvash kako kineska kralica ili kako vo orient express a toa da ti bil makedonski voz.

Se dodeka ne dojde kondukterot i ne ti rece 30 evra, moze i vo denari moze i vo dolari kako sakash.

Malce ti e skapo ama nemash izbor.....vozot trgna.

Mnogu ti e skapo ama voopshto nemash izbor......vozot trgna.


Pishuvash SMS...”mamo, tato. jas sum vo voz za skopje. Ьtre okolu pladne ke bidam vo Bitola”.

Odgovor”Kolku plati za vozot kerko”

”30 Evra majko”

Odgovor ”$%^&^%&(*%#$ (cenzura) ”.

precki.......R>E>M faza.....plitok son.....dlabok son.....100% zasluzen.

6h Republic of Macedonia.

Poznavash pred se po toa shto na vokmenot fakash radio Skopje. Gi slushash vestite vo 6 casot. Za pola saat ke bidesh vo Skopje.



lele koj ke odi sea od Skopje za Bitola.....ushe 4 sati........bozeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Sleguvash na dobro poznata zeleznicka i si ja custvuvash na svoja koza dobro-poznatata Skopje ima mikro klima, zeleznickata strajkuva a vo cekalnite nema greenje.
Se kacuvash vo taxi i stignuvash na avtobuska.
Se raspravash so kasier na majcin jazik koj ti veli deka radi snegot nema prevoz za bitola ama mozesh da probash da stignesh so toj vo 9.
Probuvam da stignam so toj vo 9
Na peron zapoznavam simpaticen decko so belo kece koj se pretstavuva kako Zoran i saka da me casti tuljumba.
Koga mu velam deka ne sakam Tuljumba nasotjuva da probam Boza.
Koga mu velam deka ne sakam Boza predlaga da me odnese so mercedesot na Vodno.
Za sreka Vodno go propushtam bidejki avotubsot pristignuva. Vnatre poznati soferski melodii ili eventualno fudablski natrpevar od 3 liga na radio Skopje.

Welcome home Ania......
Nekoi raboti navistina ne te ostavaat da zaboravish deka „samo jedno mesto na svetu se zove dom”.

Ako ova barem dvajca go procitaat celo neka go pobaraat Zoran na avtobuska da gi casti Tuljumba a od mene imaat gratis boza.

go primam vaseto socustvo.

четврток, јули 11, 2002

you're amun

I play god:)

What Egyptian Deity are you? go to:the quiz!

in 2 days this blog won't have any updates. The reason for this is that today I am giving away my borrowed notebook and my home pc doesn;t have a proper modem. Another reason is that I leave for two months. I'll be back in october.....and then I am going to continue in the place where I finished. Of course I will try to write something from time to time but I am not used to writing in internet-cafes.
Anyway, summer is here eventhough as you can see in my weather pixie we have onlu 17C in Wroclaw. I am heading for Macedonia and last thing on my mind is to stay in front of the pc.

thanx for visiting and signing my guestbook anyway.

вторник, јули 09, 2002

pamietnik-zmarlego blog

this is something....
this is something that I dare not to write about. This is something that I hate writing about. This is something that I can't write about. It is already written. It made me cry. This is the first (and П hope the last) blog that made me cry.
Don't read this.
This is something that we are not allowed to know. Not until we are to die. The boy that wrote this blog died. The blog was short. His life was short. What he wrote was enough...enough to make me think. To make me feel the uncertainity.
He is not alone
thanks for visiting the blog all the way from:)

smattering.org >> the friday five 1. Where are you right now? Sitting in front of the notebook....just got back home after 2 days spent at my parents`

2. What have you lost recently? I often lose tapes. And I always lose my favourite tapes. Most often I find them but only after few months have passed by.

3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now? The first CD I ever bought was best alternative ballads with nirvana, pearl jam, alice in chains, beck, red hot cp....one of my favourites 10 years after:))))Jesus it;s been 10 years.....god ....I am so old.

4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? anything that writes....I guess.

5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 2 hours ago I ate some polish toffi icecream but I didn't like it. I guess.....dove..

понеделник, јули 08, 2002

Erh......uhm......I mean......just like.......ya know what I mean man......what was that П meant can you remind me???????? :OOOOOOOO

I am little afraid that the above written sentence will be everything I will be able to let through my mouth on today's entrance M.A exam. There is something within me that makes me always calm. My taurus is telling me a. it will be allright
. b. it has always been allright in times like this for you
c. you are smart enough to proove them that your project is the best under the sun (eventhough it has nothing to to with philology)

I think I am going to smoke, drink cofee, read some macedonian online newspapers and than......just try to win....
wish me luck

петок, јули 05, 2002

stupid ticket controllers ruined my evening!!!!! corruption corruption corruption rulez my soul

I was out last night. Пt was extremely boring. But since I am bored to death in this flat doing nothing but staring at this stupid computer I guess I wanted to go out and bore myself in guiness. So first I was at Stanczyk, talking about buissness with young 30year old career-orientated-people and telling myself that I would kill myself if I would become one of them.....
second-We went to Guiness pub and there was nobody in there. There was no live music. Only the waiters and the owner of the pub. But still it was sort of amusing to me....since I packed and went home around 1.30 and got into the 1.42 tram...and guess what. I didn't checked the ticket (i don't know how you mark the ticket in the tram or subway-i don't know the word) and then of course on 1.30 a.m there came the above mentioned stupisd controller who first wanted 64 zloti. I said I haven't. Then he wanted 26 zloti which I said I haven;t. Then he told me o.k give me what do you have (man, he was desperate)...П said o.k I have 10 zloti (and I was so proud of myself on spending onlu 4 zloti on beer that night) and П looked into my purse...and see oh my god....П didn't even have that much.....so П took out few 2 zloti coins and told him-ok this is all I 'v e got take it or we go to the police and make it long. He said-ok, I' ll take them. So
off they went (from the tram) and I stayed on the tram and took off few stops further.

the thing is that.....THIS WAS THE FIRST CORRUPTION ACT IN MY LIFE.....I lost my corruption virginity......I am not clean..so help me god:)

четврток, јули 04, 2002

wariator blog

in this blog I read something which I would like to share with you (the blog is written in polish)

"Does God have his own God?
We have to wait till the end of the movie to find out...." not a direct translation but a paraphrase...
it's a good question...
it's a stuped comment...but I think that this sentence is enough, every comment is useless...does he??? does HE? does??????


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I live right opposite the economic academy in Wroclaw. There are lot’s of people dressed with black trousers, white shirts and ties. They are about to have an entrance exam. They are scared stiff. Some has came with their parents, some with their friends but they are all in a deep stress. This is one of the most important day in their life. I am a witness. I sit here in front of my notebook and just collect everything down.
rijecnik - Theater - AUDICIJA - rijecnik

the forgotten dictionary of yugoslav reality....for all of you who understand serbia....a mustsee!!!!!!!!!


среда, јули 03, 2002

Friday Five .....a questionare for all of us who want to answer>.......like......me (I am bored to death, I don;t have money and I can;t travel anywhere because I have to study and I am to lazy to study>>>>>>>>>>>)

When was the last time I??????

1. ...sent a handwritten letter? I write some from time to time because I have some friends who are not really into internet..but the thing is that I am too lazy to send them so they dissapear sooner or later.
2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand? My birthday, I baked Dr.Oekter"s cake all by myself and they liked it!!! (it was my first cake ever)

3. ...camped in a tent? I guess few years ago, and I got bored to death, it was in Platamonas,Greece with my parents.

4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community? You know what.....never.....we don;t have such tradition on the Balkans:)

5. ...helped a stranger? I made good sandwiches to the homeless knocking on my door.....but I never give money.....I don't want anybody to buy heroine with them

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вторник, јули 02, 2002

this blog this crap doesn't work again.....so I wonder why is this added anyway.....shall I delete it??? or maybe tomorrow will be better. SEcond option definitely!!!

понеделник, јули 01, 2002

uvek sam sanjao da sam ja heroj
koji ce promeniti citavi svet
nisam rodzen da budem heroj..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@$^%***&^(%)%^$@#!

it's not me it's dirty theater
sega ke napisham post na makedonski
ama ic ne mi e gajle
lele kolku e ubavo koga covek si pishuva na majcin jazik.....dodsuha do sega imashe samo eden posetitel (od ko se napravi noviot layout) odnosno znam duri i koj.....oooooooooo..........kolku e ubavo na majcin jazik....ama ova e samo eden eksperiment.
nekoj den ke pocnam i na makedonski ama ne sega.....treba ushte malce vreme, najseriozno zboruvam.
pozdrav do site koi go razbiraat ova.
za 2 nedeli sum vo mk
i celo leto ke bidam vo mk
ke puknam od dosada:))))))
been into this testing recently....those were some of the tests П 've made recently, they are more to come....now I am making the bloginality test, it is about what kind of blogger am I

and these are the results:
As an INFP, you are Intraverted, iNtuative, Feeling , Perceiving.
This makes your primary focus on Introverted Feeling with Extraverted Intuition.

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take free enneagram test

I Am
Evil Faerie Spirit.
I like maiming small animals and shooting things. I also like shrieking to warn people of their impending doom.
What Celtic Goddess are You?
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недела, јуни 30, 2002

It's been a calm morning. I love Sundays in Wroclaw. There are few clouds in the sky, I would like it to rain. It is wonderfull to sit at home with the balcony opened and to watch summer rain falling. After the rain, everything seams to be easies, above all it's easier to breathe.
2 more weeks......keep on moving.....it's just two more weeks....and then....everything will be allright

сабота, јуни 29, 2002

And U want to find a word, way, gesture, metaphore, whatever that sounds similar to it. Something which will break through u, close to that place where the true answer is revealed. The Question is : WHY THE HELL DO I ALWAYS WANT TO COME BACK TO BITOLA????
Hot summers, freezing cold winters, silence in the afternoon siesta in which the furniture talks, waiting for the taxi, the stinking Dragor pretending to be a river, broken windows in my high school, empty talk and boring Visage, the park full with drunk underaged voices, people-symbols, people-appeareances, people-emptiness, stone make-up, the cross above the German Graves, the bored audience in the theatre.
You want to come up to something new, a verse that wasn't written before, a song that haven't been sung before.
It such a bore. Bitola, I hated this town, I still hate it. Everything is the way it has always been. Like in a photograph. It is a hole. A well in which coins are thrown in order to bring you luck. Bitola, three syllables, melodic, short, you can sing them forever. DO not destroy the house of Lord. Go and come back again. Light a candle in Begova Cesma. Kill the animal within you. Go and gossip again, make yourself a goddess, you have to look beautifull tonight. After all it is the only place in the world where somebody notices you. Matbe because there is too little to be noticed at all. Go , dye your hair. And after you stay there for a while, become anonymous again. Write a blog. Nobody will read it anyway.Stay another ant locked in a cell with internet and cable tv, with instant coffe, and instant onion soup that you just finished writing this, have an instant orgasm and an instant death which is waiting for you in wome instant future, no mather where you are......
At this moment I am watching Monty Python-the meaning of life, one of my favourite movies (it's the commercials now on tv otherwise i wouldn't have been writing this post)....it is the ugly part when a man is forced to donate it's organs and he is killed in the very montypaytonian way..and after it they force his mother to do the same with the wonderful song of......just remeber that you standing on a planet that's revolving.....bla bla.....gone to watch it again

that was ania especially for blog,thank you back to the studio
ooooooooh that 104 error.......oooooooh here it comes again.....I bet this is on purpose for me to transform into blogger pro...but not me..not today!!!!!!!
ooooooooh that 104 error.......oooooooh here it comes again.....I bet this is on purpose for me to transform into blogger pro...but not me..not today!!!!!!!
today it is ok...the layout is on its place and I guess we can continue from here the way it was before. too bad I will be leaving in two weeks time and I won't have the chance to write to this blog as often as П would like to but anyway, I am satisfied (sort of) with the way it looks...someday I will change the colours since pink is not one of my favourites....it's one of my least favourites...

петок, јуни 28, 2002

I guess something is against me today. 5 seconds ago i wrote a really nice post about my missing template about which blogger doesn't have a solution...and I don't know what to do about it. I really don't deserve it, i was a goooooooood girl.

listening to massive attack-unfinished sympathy (since I cannot put it into its proper place)

четврток, јуни 27, 2002

now it looks somehow, i guess so, the only things which are left are the banner and comments...
ok I am going to let it stay pink for now.....let it be...pink to the world now .....let's work on the content:) (no more 1 sentence posts for today promise)
and now pink is for girls
let's see how it looks with lugosi skin
oooooooooh this apathy thing is disusting:((((((
don't like this one, the font is to small it's two......soulless....lack of life in this skin....sucks
now one more tests..some gothic skin, let's see how it looks
wow I like this one but it's becoming more and more fun I am going to try some more:)
just a check a new template again..sorry for the stupid posts but that's the way it is
I am into www.blogskins.com....maybe they can help this poor amatour blogger like me
I am in a search for new templates listening to morcheeba playing on the radio...and yeah, one more thing to do this summer......learn some bloody html
I /ve screwed the blog and I got a nwe template so I have to do everything all over again........
this comment crap doesn;t work......so I'll have to delete it....:((((((((((((((
it's been a month since I have written something on this poor devastated and ridiculous blog. Nobody comes here so what's the big deal, I don't know. Shall I say that I write this for myself, П could write a diary for it and I do , all that is written here is meant to be written for somebody to read. So there is no sense of lying to myself and to all of you casual visitors. I added a comment page in case anybody would like to say something and in case somebody was too lazy to write in the guest book.
Anyway we have a beautifull sunny weather up there in Poland. Wroclaw is wonderfull these days. Concerts, street artists, end of exams, pubs working all night, everything is perfect. In few weeks time I will be in Macedonia. Sitting in the garden, reading some samrt books, and yes....learning spanish, french and buisness english....I have some books and I will try to make some use of my free time. I will try to get a job but I don't believe this will be possible, and I still hope to have one ......eternal optimism is going to destrory me some day.
I have passed all my exams, I will get a diploma soon and yes.....I am finally something more than a high school graduate....jeeeee....english teacher.........yuk!
and two more years in this crazy institute....poor job oportunities, poor salady oportunities, bunch of lazy children waiting for me to teach them present continous tense.....or phrasal verbs.......YUK!!!!
but anyway......it's summer, officialy and unoficially......3 months of nothing in fron of me. This will be the longest vacation in my life......

среда, мај 29, 2002

Thoughts on Sunday
(or an attempt to be creative while beeing bored with everything and everybody and at the same time a recollection of a spring evening/morning is at the end of the 90’s)

A. Past

1. something happens and it’s aim is to provoke jelausy-failure!
2. drunk juvenile voices, guitar agression defeated by lowering the stereo, the says –time’s up and again I don’t have money for taxi
3. an evening ago everything was so simple-fear, o self esteem and loads of beer
4. all the exsistential thoughts get messed up with nicotine smoke swirling around the light and faces with make up are flirting with their reflections on the mirror
5. hang-over, zero coffe (they say It doesn’t help anyway)
6. I happen to love the sun from time to time

B. Present

1. Everything is in a magic circle, you cannot go out of it
2. don’t be afraid, noone will steal your indifference
3. don’t fly, metadons are expensive
4. there is always tommorow till you die
5. life is a walk with glass umbrella around the stone rings of saturn
6. maybe one of them will hit you
7. maybe one of them will hit you soon

недела, мај 19, 2002

it's been 4 days from my 21 birthday. I was extremly sad that day. Were you happy then???there is nothing to be happy about. I loved my teen period. Now it is gone forever. I think about those times a lot and the most important thing that I miss about that times is myself. Now I don't have the time to be with myself anymore. Everything is more important than me. So many things are happening but those things don't have the smallest impact on my personal life. My personal life. What happened to it???My inner voice is gone and it cannot find it's way back.

среда, мај 08, 2002

my stuped blog doesn't want to be opened....again.
if anyone has an idea how to write a mock research paper on the subject "how to write research paper "email me and save my miserable life!!!!

недела, мај 05, 2002

what the hack is wrong here......
my blog cannot be opened
and |I wanted to write something very smart but no.......i protest.....objection.....:(sustained
once upon A time there was me writing this blog
later on (after some six months) that girl went to macedonia and stayed there for some 2 monthsw so the blog was left without a single post for so much time
and then that girl came back to poland and moved from her parents....now she's got her own appartment and bills (and bills and bills and bills-any donation is welcomed) and she doesn't have a pc there so the blog was once again left alone
i know the blog misses me.... i promised him so much.....
mAYBE i will post some more in future but now unfortunately no computer, no internet.....not even a god-daMN type-writer....
so ta-ta for now

понеделник, март 04, 2002

saw that someone has done a great job for all of us wannabe-blogmasters.......library of templates.geee!!!!
Can't wait to go home and work on this template stuff for a while because this template really makes me sick
I visit the villages around my town every day with my driving instructor and watch myself not to have hangover in sathurday morning because the worst thing had happened....'i have driving lessons on Sathurday at 8.am.......s.h.i.t.
aagain....I don't have time to write anything useful and worth reading...
so cut the crap and go to home...

вторник, февруари 26, 2002

I was actually driving today.......and it really happened......and it is not so hard.......for now...

четврток, февруари 21, 2002

i just wanted to say hi......
right now I am trying to learn how to drive a car.......
and it's daaaaaaaaaaaamn complicated
but I will manage todo it (if not now then after 20th time faling the test)
wish me luck
(I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it)

среда, февруари 13, 2002

so here i am after two days of travelling, crossing 5 countries in one day:))))) I am again in front of a very fast beautifull computer writing this never-ending storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Bitola is beautifull in february, a day before valentines:)......sun, streets full of young people, pubs full of people drinking coffe and beer......I think i am going to like it here. After all it's the only place on earth which can be called home.
oooooooh beautifull sunny day
I am so excited that I can't write anything that would make too much logic
(aha......and a warning.....I won't be writing too often this month......or maybe i will.....depends on my inspiration)

have a nice february:)

сабота, февруари 09, 2002

I woke up in the early afternoon and I wanted to see the openings of the winter Olympics games in Salt Lake City and I sort of liked it.....everything except for the stuped red hats of the polish representation and another thing which made me really really nervous.
Imagine that the macedonian representation wasn't after Moldavia, Madagaskar and other countries on M but it was before France, as damn Former Yugoslav Republic.....The greek aristocracy in USA has done a perfect job.....but it's only a small victory for them....one day Macedonia will be on the Olympics with its real name and it's real flag...the beautifull sun with 16 rays....
OK, enough patriotic emotions for today. Right now I am reading "And then the ass saw the angel" by Nick Cave...and it's daaamn dark, pervert, cruel and great....
two more days to see MK....and somebody I miss very much...and hope he misses me too

недела, февруари 03, 2002

yeaterday was kind of aniversary for me. I remembered about it 5 minutes ago when I took a look in my old diary (98). It's a fifth aniversary of me feeling for somebody....I still do.Had a nice thursday (guiness pub-live music) and a nice friday( diplomska-mainstream music) and it turned out that I spent more than I had ever imagined I could. Again. I have a guilty consciense right now.....Anywayss I was strong enough to say no, I won't go out on Sathurday....and I didn't. YEAh....I am proud of myself (from time to time)
I am too lazy too study, too lazy to do anything so I sind myself thousands of different obligations to do except for sitting in front of the bunch of xopied notes from history of the english language....and the clock goes tickling and counting the hours (3 more days) and I haven't done anything useful.
The scary part of all this is that I don't really listen music lately. It's unbeliveable. Music has always been one of the most important things in life for me. Now....silence in my room. Maybe I am just getting all...that happens to everybody right???I saw A. Morisette today on mtv. I hate her because her voice reminds me of the days when I actually enjoyed music.(97/98) Or maybe it was because I listened to music that I could enjoy. (lately I cought myself singin to britney spears)....
ooooooooh nostalgiaaaaaaaaaaaa :((((((((((((

btw. have you eer visited www.pornolyze.com????
go there and write down http://macedoniania.blogspot.com
and...enjoy the result:)))))
and remeber, it wasn't me

четврток, јануари 31, 2002

one more exam ooooooooooooh baby one more exaaaaaaaaaaam
and I am free as a bird
for one month
is there anything else to dream about??????????
so one more exam celebrate and dance so free tonight we are going to celebrate one more time (taaaaaaraaaaraaaaaaaaaraaaraaaaaaaaa)
working sleeping doing exams
harder faster stronger better
if I had another chance in life
I would have chosen another college........

a little mix of the french dance scene made by ania krazybalkan:)
I 've got one good news and one bad news
the good is that there is something marvellous like blog pro...it has lot's of things that a blogger can dream about but the bad news is that you have to pay it so I am going to stick to this beautifull fantastic and FREE blog this menu:)))
and there is something more that I have to do today:

Jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring
» to the left of me: Leah.
» to the right of me: Jenny.


четврток, јануари 24, 2002

hot news from Poland, from Lodz to be more precise. Something very terrible has happened. First we have floods again in Poland, the snow has melted (it's 5 above 0) and the water has flooded people's basements (my grandfather's basement gets flooded like 3 times a year). another piece of newsis even more terrible. Few young journalists from gazeta wyborcza had found out that the Lodz's emergency ward had been selling corpses (or in the medical jargon "skins") to the undertakers. So an undertaker firm was paying the doctor 1200zl for one skin. Very soon the doctors (or somebody else) begun to poison the casualties which he/she was supposed to help. The witnesses say that people were killed with a special poison which make the work of the musle to stop.This is something that would make a great script for the next Hollywood blockbuster but not here......damn.....not in the place where I live.
Doctors say that this thing is not possible to have happened....I wish I and the rest of Poland could believe them....

it appears that there is one more blog attached to my blogger list....I swear I have nothing to do with this, I must have been drunk:))))))
I wonder how is the weather in Macedonia lately (I'm going back in 3 weeks and very happy about it), here the weather is beautifull....it doesn't seem like winter anymore cause it's more like true late october eventhough it gets dark sooner (I happen to love the absence of sun lately)
I'm in the middle of the exam session and I am doing extremely well so far......geee I am truly proud of myself:)))) yesterday I got 5 (my only 5 in the index this semester, + 5 is the highest grade) on sla (second language aquisiton) and I can't do anything but to write this down and to remember it for a long time, I don't know when is the next 5 going to happen. My teacher's carrear is going pretty well, this is the only ok on methodology subject that I got so far....anyway in 2.5 years time I am going back to Macedonia (at least I plan to) so if anyone wnats to offer me a place to work in some language school I am ready for your offers:))))))))))) (Macedonia is famous for the high percentage of unemployment so I have to plan it earlier:)
In one week I will be celebrating something like diplomska here in some restaurant with all of the colleges from my year at college and I am really happy because I finnaly found myself a partner for that evening because lately it turned out that from my closest circle of friends I will be the only one without a partner....but that's not the case anymore:)))) I also bought myself a pretty cheap dress which was once very expensive but long live bargain sales......I wouldn't have anything to put on if it wasn't for them:)
another piece of news is that I have new, yesterday installed windows (98:))) and now everything works smoothly so I won't curse my computer anymore......
It's 20 to 7......have to hurry....bye:(

петок, јануари 18, 2002

long time no see again......but this time I have warned everybody. This two weeks were extremly busy and boring so they were not worth mentioning. I have written 1 exam (passed) and 2 tests so far ( one passed one I shall see today). right now I am trying to print a document about ancient Egypt, precisely about Ozyrys and the burrying customs in Egypt but as usual something is wrong with the printer. After cursing and wanting to throw the printer through the window it occurs to me that it is the black ink which is absolutely spent. So I will print the document in color, in green I guess because that color will make the teacher enjoy while reading it :)))))) (yeah, right) and maybe she will forget about my poor polish vocab and grammar. Since I am connected to the net right now this printing thing of 5 pages will take very long.AAAAAAI hate this computer crap on which I am cursed to work. When I am writing this the connection with the net gots crapped so the printing goes smoothly and quick.
I have set up some discipline in my everyday life because of the situation in which I am stuck now. however this discipline wont help me next week because there is a lot to be done. I don't feel myself capable of doing this.......but whathever, I don't seem to have any choice but to do it. So .....
I don't have any new mail, nobody cares how I am doing right now, but I can manage with this also......I really need to go out tonight and I surely will......little relax will surely do me fine......or bring me hangover.....:) we shall see
connection attempt number 10.............gee I love my internet provider

среда, јануари 09, 2002

just.....to leave something from inside this blog is closed from now till I don't know when....at least till the time when I get an inspiration for writing and when I cool down a little.....
The only thing I could write about right now is about my exams and I don't think that would be an interesting subject to write on and even worse.....TO READ IT:)(damn it I am in the biggest panic in my life)
So farewell for now my dear visitors and pls come back when you get the intuition that there is something new in here.....who knows maybe it will?

понеделник, јануари 07, 2002

The coffe I am drinking at the moment is too strong....so I went to add little more sugar but it dosn't help.....had to add a little more milk....ok now...it is la festa....definitely too strong

anyways, I am back to the normal daily scedrule and I still begin my day in front of the computer but at the moment contemplating the previous year which was catastrophic for the world, my country but it was quite fine for me. My personal life started to be more worth living and my education....far better (have I ever mentioned the english literature exam.....for now it is the succes of my life).The thing that stays the same is that I still want to come back to Macedonia and at the same time I am afraid about my future because the unemployment there is so big that I am afraid to present the right percentage on this blog.

I just wanted to say that the previous two weeks were marvellous for me eventhough they were not ideal. They were too ordinary too simple and I really didn't wished for more that I had at that moments....now they are gone but I don't lose my hope that they will soon come back......for now back to my daily scedrule....writing classes with dear mr. Sullivan at one...so I log out and wish a nice day for everybody visiting....again:)

not to forget.....playing : velvet underground.......hahaaha that's how I feel right now

недела, јануари 06, 2002

I am back.....again on the eight floor wondering what I will do with myself in the next few weeks of examination session :(
and I must say I am truly suprised because I can't say I am sad.......I am glad that my apartment is warm and that there is a pretty much civilization around........no, I am not sad.....I am just feeling kind of empty. Again though this is only temporarily .....until february. In february I am going to travel again and lying to myself that it's there that I live........not here....and lying to myself that I will have where to come back in 2.5 years time.....unbeliveable

четврток, јануари 03, 2002

first of all

happy new year for everybody visiting here ocasionally or not and may all your wishes come true blah blah blah (I'm sure you are bored by all those greetings already and do not mind me adding another one)
If you would ask me I would say that I have been buusy recently celebrating and I would had really written something more today but I am in a cyber cafe and this pc is TERRIBLE it is a real disastter and eventhough I have lot's of things to write about I wont..........I simply can't

I hope this day was better for you than mine.............
I think I will go home before I start throwing out all my negative energy on this poor web-page........that would be the smartest thing for me to do in this very moment
so cheers