недела, декември 01, 2002

I infected the computer. It is completely fucked now. At the same time, my tv broke.....and I spent the last two days reading a book. Only 50 pages left for the white teeth....and Grimus (Rushdie) is next on the reading list
/we had a nice St. Andrew evening. We were foretelling the future with a wax. You have to melt the wax and then pour it though a hole in a key to some plate full of water and wait. Then guess what shape has the wac. Does it remind you or something???? You can put the wax figure opsite the wall and try ot guess the shpe from the shadow that it leaves. I first got a heart, and then it transformed into stupid turtle.The future will be boring as the past. Sad but true. Actually I havent done anything for school.........again.

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