четврток, ноември 28, 2002

100 things about Ania:)

1.I was born in Wroclaw, Poland.
2.I have lived in three towns.(Kavadarci, Wroclaw, Bitola)
3.I live in Poland
4.I have lived in three towns and in two countries in 21 years.
5.I don't work (still studying)
6. I am fourth year English philology student.
7. I am first year hotel menagment student.
8. I am an english teacher.
9.I want to have my own club in future.
10. I sing in front of the mirror.
11. I think I am internet addict.
12.I am not allergic to anything.
13. I am taurus.
14. I am short -sighted on one eye and on the other eye long-sighted:)
15. I hate sport
16.I am not a vegetarian.
17. Lately, I adore to sleep as longer as possible.
18. I travel to Macedonia at least 2 times a year.
20. I enjoy horror movies....and then П often do research about the negative characters on the net.
21. I like reading Trainspotting ( I have read it more than 20 times in my life)
22. I love different kind of music.
23. I adore RADIOHEAD.
24. I have a 7 years old jacket and I still wear it and not intend to throw it.
25. I love onion.
26. My favourite season is summer.
27. I adore AEGEAN Sea.
28. Н have only been to the dentist 3 times in my life.
29. I used to go to goa trance parties.
30. I don't have a nickname
31. In Poland, people have difficulties with my surename
32. In Macedonia with my name.
33. I love internet forums
34. I love irc
35. The only world famous people that I have seen in my life were Bill and Hillary Clinton and Nick Cave.
36. Once upon a time I took part in a tv quiz and I cheated....and won....but there were no awards:(
37. I cheat from other people's blogs so as to find something more to add because I am too lazy to be original.
38. I believe in God.
39. I smoke L&M lights at the moment
40. I also drink coffee at the moment (and 2 times plus a day)
41. I think COKE is better than PEPSI
42. I hate pepsi
43. I am not saying this because coca-cola paid me.
44. I love kebabs with onion. and shopska salad
45. I love red sour wine.
46. I love beer.
47. Sometimes I love doing nothing for few days.
48. After watching Jerry Springer Show I never thought of migrating to America.
49. I am a pacifist.
50. Sometimes I watch tv, chat and study at the same time....and I love it.
51. I love to read.
52. I once played the piano.
53. I also sung in a choir.
54. I own a driving licence but I don't think that I know how to drive.
55. I hate handy work.
56. Once I ( and many others ) thought that I draw pretty good.
57. In that period somebody stole my Jim Morrison portrait and I was so proud of it.
58. I would like to go to a tarot reader.
59. I am in love
60. I love going to cinema.
61. I am an english language tutor.
62. I don't think I am good at it.
63. I hate beeing drunk
64. I love beeing in control of myself
65. I think I am better in writing than in reading
66. I never revise what I write.
67. I plan to publish a book one day.
68. I would like to live in NY(Jerry Springer exception)
69. I will travel through whole Europe one day.
70. I have a younger brother
71. I learned the greek alphabet 3 days ago, and I don't think I remember it now.
72. I have never eaten sushi.
73. legalize it.
74. I love the sound of the rain with a bit of lightenings now and then.
75. П would like to live in the 20's ( I watched once upon a time in America yesterday and fall in love for De Niro)
76. I have spent more than half of my high-school time in Visage, in Bitola
77. I adore sitting in the park in summer in Bitola.
78. My blood type is A+
79. I have seen every movie with Johney Deep.
80. I am not irritated easily but when I am irritated then the whole world knows it....
81. I love to talk about myself. ( that is not good)
82. I think I enjoy this
83. I often want to be some place else.
84. I am nostalgic and melancholic
85. I am choleric-flegmatic at the same time.
86. I swear too much......u pichku mater
89. I am not good in saving money
90. I don't understand the fuss about Harry Potter....it's just a normal children's book, nothing special.
91. П sometimes talk to myselr.
92. I am writing this for an hour
93. I am lousy in telling jokes
94. I love my family
95.I believed in Santa Clause since I was 8.....and the truth was a trauma to me:(
96. I worked two times as a waiter, and the second time I was fired:)
97. I would like to go to Disneyland
98. I am proud myself because I last till the end of this.
99. And I really think I loved doing this
100. And in the end.....I really looooove life.
I am adding some more links connected to my everyday life such us Wroclaw web page, University of Wroclaw....and some night clubs in Wroclaw.
There is a english version so if you don't know polish that is not an excuse not to visit these sites....

среда, ноември 27, 2002

from here.......sorry


my blog comes in the 3rd page:((((((

this is a discovery that somebody made......and was astonished by it

"Today I learned that Macedonia, the republic, has little to do with that other Macedonia. Not only that, but that, apparently, greeks and macedonians disagree on this point, making the whole thing infinitely more complicated than I ever intended to discover. Darn. I feel like the guy who finds out that he's been singing the lyrics to his favorite song wrong all these years."

and this comes from here
currently I am making a research of blogs in made by macedonians of people living in macedonia or in which at least macedonia is mentioned:)

my results so far:acedonia, militare italiano ucciso da una mina - ... iava.net | Mondo | Macedonia, militare italiano ucciso da una mina ... Ma adesso, cosa importa. iava.net | Mondo | Macedonia, militare italiano ucciso da una mina ...
http://www.iava.net/mondo/020509c.htm search within this site


A Skeptical Blog - ... Be the first person that reads this blog to actually give me advice on how it looks. Don't be afraid, speak up. ... 10 CIA Double Deals In Macedonia. Sources: ...

just an old guy blogging about the news of the world:)

"MACEDONIA FOR THE MACEDONIANS" - The adventures of... Friday, October 04, 2002. "Suddenly he didn't want to see his friends - the killers of their fathers' dreams. ...
http://mattorefice.blogspot.com/ search within this site

this one is about some un soldier I suppose who is in Macedonia in this moment.....only two posts, but the last post was concernig his visit in some macedonian village, so I don't believe he has an access to internet

World Cup Blog - Follow the Action: Emerging Nations - ... Before the World Cup started a group containing Turkey, Slovakia, Macedonia and Liechtenstein looked like a pretty good draw, but after the way Turkey have ...
http://www.worldcupblog.org/wcarchives/000284.html search within this site


BunkoSquad :: building yesterday's tomorrow, today : weblog, blog ... - ... navigate: about | don't get me started | 100 movies | ballpark reviews | small projects | blog 72. ... music?!? WATG, Macedonia, where disco lives forever... ...


I couldn't find anything interesting for me here....

Blacksprite: SAS blog V6.0 Return of the Stone Angel - ... math at the University of Tennessee, even though she was born in Macedonia like my ... my site only need type in the index address and follow the link to my blog! ...
http://www.xentrik.net/stoneangel/blog/archive7.html search within this site

a girl of macedonian origin who lives in Canada, she calles her sister Biljana-Bianka:(......too bad

throwingshadows.com - if we blog it, they will come © - ... Powerful image editing for nada. England continue to confirm their mediocrity with a dismal display against those footballing goliaths, Macedonia. ...

ok.I wanted to add a comment system but this hallo scan thing is too complicated....and maybe some other time....thanx anyway

вторник, ноември 26, 2002

Redneck Neighbor

this is an absolute mustsee!!!!!

There are crazy people in this world, I really thought that the whole idea of this side was very rude, but curiosity won,and what I saw......cannot be compared to anything that I expected.

in other words: My beautifull neighborhood (go and see I won't tell anything else)

Saturday-8: "This, This, this and this...It all has to go...."

Over the next week, especially within the United States, between holidays and just general conversation, we will be taking a look at things that are good within the context of our lives and thinking of things for which we should be thankful. All of the good things we are supposed to want to keep. Well, this week's Saturday Eight, are about things we want to or will change or get rid of in our lives.

  1. We all know at least one person personally who we believe is not conducting their lives properly or at least in the way we want them to conduct. Now the control is in your hands. First, what exactly is this person doing wrong? What would you do now that you are incontrol? Is this entirely for their benefit or does it benefit you too?

    I wont'c change anybodys life, and I don't want anyone to personally intevene in mine. Yes, there are few persons...I tell them openly what do I think about their behavior, but after all, it's their life....if they ask for a favour they get it, if not....I remind them, if still nothing, then.....well they are all adults, responsible for themselves:(

  2. Name something about yourself personally that you should get rid of but probably will not ever be able to change and then tell why?

    NOTHING AT ALL......I AM IDEAL. :))))))))

  3. Whenever we open up our closets, it is almost universal that there is something in there that we should probably throw away. In the closet that is your mind and your heart, what do you need to throw away? What is this that you are hiding and really shouldn't anymore? Why are you hiding it and holding on to it?

    I am devoted to some things, and I will propably be devoted to them forever.If it doesn't involve hurting somebody else and of course myself....there is no need of pushing them away.

  4. Speaking of hiding, what is the biggest current lie in your life? It can be your lie or a lie that you are living and protecting that was created by and for someone else? Why do you continue to live it? Under what circumstances was it born? (You may be vague on some of the description of the lie in order to avoid to much trouble.)

    too personal

  5. Now, here is a chance to be a little charitable. Pick something that is a good in your life and give it away to someone who you thinks probably would deserve it as much, if not more, than you. What is it? Why has it been so good for you? Why are you willing to let it go? What do you think it will do for the next person? How do you think you would do without it?

    the only thing that I own and will use the others are some books that I have....but on the other hand, nobody guarantees that they will have the same influence as they had on me. I borrow them on request.....if something else is requested???mostly, depends on who's asking:)

  6. This is a question that can be asked a thousand times and a thousand different ways. Imagine one person in your life, they could be very central to you or a bit more peripheal, but you just might not need them anymore. No names are necessary, what are they to you. Why do you keep them around? Why should you probably not keep them around anymore? Will you ever really let them go?

    Everybody's free to do whatever he or she wants. I don't think I am pushing somebody to be in any kind of relationship (not talking about work and study) with me....people come, people go....only the real ones stay

  7. This is just a question. Which is better, to live life with every things that you could want or need or could possibly be good for you or to live like without anything that ever could be bad for you in your life?

    and for the stupid questions I give stupid answers.....it depends, it depends, ooooooooh yes it depends.....god knows on what....but still it depends
There is a new playground next to my block. More precisely, two of them. One in front of my block, in the yard of the kindergarten and the other right next to it. Beautiful. I live opposite this big building and besides dormitories. It’s a quiet street but it can get loud sometimes because of the drunk students coming back from downtown, singing aloud. I live on the first floor, I hear everything. Every move on the street is a signal of alert to me. And students are heard from far, far away. They are forgiven anyway, I can recall few nights when me and my friends were behaving in such a way, but on somebody else’s street. I have a nice cheap shop nearby, and an all-day shop, and a bazaar, they sell cheap cigarettes in Arena (shopping center) and my friend brings me L&M lights from Belarus, for just 3.50..who needs more...pizza planet nearby, I‘ve never been there but it is there just in case I feel I want to eat some pizza (perhaps once in ten years).....isn’t this an ideal place to leave. There are 3 cyber cafes near, I don’t know why do they need that much....but still they exist and are full. I hate cyber-cafes. You cannot listen to your favorite music, you can’t smoke, you can’t eat and make dinner at the same time, you cannot watch television at the same time:) Doing-100-things-at-the-same-time is my middle name. Nice to meet you.

thank you for reading my useless post.

Tony Blair I heard, was pronounced to be “the British of all times”????
May I ask for what????? And princess Diane was ahead of William Shakespeare???? What is happening to Britain today? David Bekham, place 33....that really suprised me.

Currently reading: Zadie Smith, White Teeth, page 120+something:)....and so far, heartily recommending. 1 000 000 readership in Britain, this is something that has to be explored.

понеделник, ноември 25, 2002

Nowhere Girl part ...another thing I discovered today, an on-line comic, a good one.
"the Secret Book", a movie that I am waiting for a long time, made by people who I know and I respect, therefore I hope they will make a great movie about Macedonia.You can read about the movie in english, macedonian and in french. The movie is joint production of MAcedonia, France and Holland.The leading role will be played by Thierry Fremont. Bitola will be a special guest star in it:))) (as always)

did you know that Bitola has strarred in many Hollywood movies. Especially imitating Sarajevo:)Ok not so many, I lied. The only I can think of is The Peacemaker with George Clooney and ex-wife of Tom Cruise:)

сабота, ноември 23, 2002


FIRST, I just came back from amazing concert in Wroclaw filcharmony, I listened to "Planets" by Gustav Horst....it was really marvellous, I think I should visit this object more often in future, it is a different feeling to hear it live. I adored the parts about Neptune, Saturn and especially Jupiter.

SECOND, I have a computer.....so that means....more more more more and still moooooooore posts

THIRD, and in the same time the main reason why I am so excited is the search engine refferers from my blog stats.....most of them are really ridiculous....to quote some of them: Google: dinara 2002 guestbook
20 Oct, Sun, 03:46:18 Google: online shoping belgrad
21 Oct, Mon, 11:07:24 Google: zeleznicka stanica Skopje
24 Oct, Thu, 06:45:35 Yahoo: kafane macedonia
28 Oct, Mon, 09:57:12 Yahoo: gisha photo
31 Oct, Thu, 04:56:24 Google: polni serbia
03 Nov, Sun, 14:33:23 Google: autobus beograd skopje
04 Nov, Mon, 06:41:03 Google: "Best Alternative Ballads"
04 Nov, Mon, 17:49:43 Google: something died inside me today
04 Nov, Mon, 21:23:33 Google: skopje+prostitutki
06 Nov, Wed, 22:27:42 Yahoo: love sms on macedonian
09 Nov, Sat, 03:26:25 Yahoo: help with college entrance questionare
14 Nov, Thu, 15:05:24 Google: idealist(nf) + career
16 Nov, Sat, 19:01:55 Google: opis na rabotata
17 Nov, Sun, 00:45:31 Google: "so maki sum se rodila"
17 Nov, Sun, 13:33:20 Yahoo: razglednici od ohrid
18 Nov, Mon, 14:20:26 Yahoo: hoteli v makedoniji ohrid
19 Nov, Tue, 18:37:34 Yahoo: shoping addiction
23 Nov, Sat, 16:34:25 Yahoo: I want buissness with Macedonia

I especially adore the buissness with MAcedonia......and little sorry that it wasn't specified what kind of buissness he or she was interested in....

anyway, having stats is really interesting sometimes!

have a nice sathurday evening, I won't, classes tommorow.

сабота, ноември 16, 2002

when you don't have anything to write about and you are desperate to add a new entry.....just take a few online tests........they are practical sometimes I must say

sad but true????????????

I will quit one day.....maybe

your smoking will result in the cancer of the lung. sorry, matey. paste this code in your livejournal as a cautionary note to your friends.

take the death quiz.

and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

недела, ноември 10, 2002

half the month has gone again....so many things have happened in thew world lately, nothing new in my life as usual. I still don't have a computer and apart from that the one that I am writing on right now really makes my eyes hurt, I don't know why. I guess everything is against me writing this blog. It's not that I have something to write about at this moment but always something. It's getting cold and my flat's windows let the cold air come into my place....it's not interesting to sleep in my room. Anyway lately I ve bought myself new jeans, recorded few more tapes and cds and made some plans for the near ( new year's eve future)........I really like spending my time on dreaming. I was in cinema twice and I first saw " 8 women" that I heartly recoment to all of you reading this. Secondly, I saw " minority report" this week and it was nicer than I expected, I must say that I was pleasantly suprised. I don't adore Spielberg but I respect his, his ideas are always so interesting.....
Currently reading " Wide Sarragosso Sea" by Jean Rhys, making a pause from Rushdie....and that will be about everything worth mentioning on this blog for now. enough is enough anyway :)