четврток, јануари 24, 2002

it appears that there is one more blog attached to my blogger list....I swear I have nothing to do with this, I must have been drunk:))))))
I wonder how is the weather in Macedonia lately (I'm going back in 3 weeks and very happy about it), here the weather is beautifull....it doesn't seem like winter anymore cause it's more like true late october eventhough it gets dark sooner (I happen to love the absence of sun lately)
I'm in the middle of the exam session and I am doing extremely well so far......geee I am truly proud of myself:)))) yesterday I got 5 (my only 5 in the index this semester, + 5 is the highest grade) on sla (second language aquisiton) and I can't do anything but to write this down and to remember it for a long time, I don't know when is the next 5 going to happen. My teacher's carrear is going pretty well, this is the only ok on methodology subject that I got so far....anyway in 2.5 years time I am going back to Macedonia (at least I plan to) so if anyone wnats to offer me a place to work in some language school I am ready for your offers:))))))))))) (Macedonia is famous for the high percentage of unemployment so I have to plan it earlier:)
In one week I will be celebrating something like diplomska here in some restaurant with all of the colleges from my year at college and I am really happy because I finnaly found myself a partner for that evening because lately it turned out that from my closest circle of friends I will be the only one without a partner....but that's not the case anymore:)))) I also bought myself a pretty cheap dress which was once very expensive but long live bargain sales......I wouldn't have anything to put on if it wasn't for them:)
another piece of news is that I have new, yesterday installed windows (98:))) and now everything works smoothly so I won't curse my computer anymore......
It's 20 to 7......have to hurry....bye:(

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