недела, ноември 10, 2002

half the month has gone again....so many things have happened in thew world lately, nothing new in my life as usual. I still don't have a computer and apart from that the one that I am writing on right now really makes my eyes hurt, I don't know why. I guess everything is against me writing this blog. It's not that I have something to write about at this moment but always something. It's getting cold and my flat's windows let the cold air come into my place....it's not interesting to sleep in my room. Anyway lately I ve bought myself new jeans, recorded few more tapes and cds and made some plans for the near ( new year's eve future)........I really like spending my time on dreaming. I was in cinema twice and I first saw " 8 women" that I heartly recoment to all of you reading this. Secondly, I saw " minority report" this week and it was nicer than I expected, I must say that I was pleasantly suprised. I don't adore Spielberg but I respect his, his ideas are always so interesting.....
Currently reading " Wide Sarragosso Sea" by Jean Rhys, making a pause from Rushdie....and that will be about everything worth mentioning on this blog for now. enough is enough anyway :)

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