вторник, ноември 26, 2002

Saturday-8: "This, This, this and this...It all has to go...."

Over the next week, especially within the United States, between holidays and just general conversation, we will be taking a look at things that are good within the context of our lives and thinking of things for which we should be thankful. All of the good things we are supposed to want to keep. Well, this week's Saturday Eight, are about things we want to or will change or get rid of in our lives.

  1. We all know at least one person personally who we believe is not conducting their lives properly or at least in the way we want them to conduct. Now the control is in your hands. First, what exactly is this person doing wrong? What would you do now that you are incontrol? Is this entirely for their benefit or does it benefit you too?

    I wont'c change anybodys life, and I don't want anyone to personally intevene in mine. Yes, there are few persons...I tell them openly what do I think about their behavior, but after all, it's their life....if they ask for a favour they get it, if not....I remind them, if still nothing, then.....well they are all adults, responsible for themselves:(

  2. Name something about yourself personally that you should get rid of but probably will not ever be able to change and then tell why?

    NOTHING AT ALL......I AM IDEAL. :))))))))

  3. Whenever we open up our closets, it is almost universal that there is something in there that we should probably throw away. In the closet that is your mind and your heart, what do you need to throw away? What is this that you are hiding and really shouldn't anymore? Why are you hiding it and holding on to it?

    I am devoted to some things, and I will propably be devoted to them forever.If it doesn't involve hurting somebody else and of course myself....there is no need of pushing them away.

  4. Speaking of hiding, what is the biggest current lie in your life? It can be your lie or a lie that you are living and protecting that was created by and for someone else? Why do you continue to live it? Under what circumstances was it born? (You may be vague on some of the description of the lie in order to avoid to much trouble.)

    too personal

  5. Now, here is a chance to be a little charitable. Pick something that is a good in your life and give it away to someone who you thinks probably would deserve it as much, if not more, than you. What is it? Why has it been so good for you? Why are you willing to let it go? What do you think it will do for the next person? How do you think you would do without it?

    the only thing that I own and will use the others are some books that I have....but on the other hand, nobody guarantees that they will have the same influence as they had on me. I borrow them on request.....if something else is requested???mostly, depends on who's asking:)

  6. This is a question that can be asked a thousand times and a thousand different ways. Imagine one person in your life, they could be very central to you or a bit more peripheal, but you just might not need them anymore. No names are necessary, what are they to you. Why do you keep them around? Why should you probably not keep them around anymore? Will you ever really let them go?

    Everybody's free to do whatever he or she wants. I don't think I am pushing somebody to be in any kind of relationship (not talking about work and study) with me....people come, people go....only the real ones stay

  7. This is just a question. Which is better, to live life with every things that you could want or need or could possibly be good for you or to live like without anything that ever could be bad for you in your life?

    and for the stupid questions I give stupid answers.....it depends, it depends, ooooooooh yes it depends.....god knows on what....but still it depends

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