петок, јануари 18, 2002

long time no see again......but this time I have warned everybody. This two weeks were extremly busy and boring so they were not worth mentioning. I have written 1 exam (passed) and 2 tests so far ( one passed one I shall see today). right now I am trying to print a document about ancient Egypt, precisely about Ozyrys and the burrying customs in Egypt but as usual something is wrong with the printer. After cursing and wanting to throw the printer through the window it occurs to me that it is the black ink which is absolutely spent. So I will print the document in color, in green I guess because that color will make the teacher enjoy while reading it :)))))) (yeah, right) and maybe she will forget about my poor polish vocab and grammar. Since I am connected to the net right now this printing thing of 5 pages will take very long.AAAAAAI hate this computer crap on which I am cursed to work. When I am writing this the connection with the net gots crapped so the printing goes smoothly and quick.
I have set up some discipline in my everyday life because of the situation in which I am stuck now. however this discipline wont help me next week because there is a lot to be done. I don't feel myself capable of doing this.......but whathever, I don't seem to have any choice but to do it. So .....
I don't have any new mail, nobody cares how I am doing right now, but I can manage with this also......I really need to go out tonight and I surely will......little relax will surely do me fine......or bring me hangover.....:) we shall see
connection attempt number 10.............gee I love my internet provider

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