петок, октомври 04, 2002

it's just one of those days. Still dealing with the fact that I haven't earn a penny ( grosz, dena...whatever).Lately i discovered that I enjoy boredoom. And I also discovered that I don't want to kill myself because of some record that I don't have money to buy.

No, I am not begging you for charity and that's why I close this subject at least till the next post.

But understand me, autumn is coming and I already mentioned how much I hate autumn. And the damn leaves are falling and thos wind&rain kind of crap.....yuk!

When I see that most of you come to visit the blog only by accident....and don't feel good ABOUT it at all. Would somebody try to make me happier????Lately most of the refferals come from google, the search engine that will always lead you to the wrong track, don't believe it.Looking for an inspiration on what to write I often wander around other blogs and see how other people handle it. Some of them ( thank you god) are worse than me, and some of them are far, far better. I know that somebody can devote his life to write a blog, I am not that kind of people. Anyway, I love having this blog and I intend to have it for as long as it is possible....1.5 year is far to little to discuss my blogging career. Wait till I get more serious....if you come here, ocasionally....again

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