понеделник, јануари 07, 2002

The coffe I am drinking at the moment is too strong....so I went to add little more sugar but it dosn't help.....had to add a little more milk....ok now...it is la festa....definitely too strong

anyways, I am back to the normal daily scedrule and I still begin my day in front of the computer but at the moment contemplating the previous year which was catastrophic for the world, my country but it was quite fine for me. My personal life started to be more worth living and my education....far better (have I ever mentioned the english literature exam.....for now it is the succes of my life).The thing that stays the same is that I still want to come back to Macedonia and at the same time I am afraid about my future because the unemployment there is so big that I am afraid to present the right percentage on this blog.

I just wanted to say that the previous two weeks were marvellous for me eventhough they were not ideal. They were too ordinary too simple and I really didn't wished for more that I had at that moments....now they are gone but I don't lose my hope that they will soon come back......for now back to my daily scedrule....writing classes with dear mr. Sullivan at one...so I log out and wish a nice day for everybody visiting....again:)

not to forget.....playing : velvet underground.......hahaaha that's how I feel right now

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