четврток, ноември 28, 2002

100 things about Ania:)

1.I was born in Wroclaw, Poland.
2.I have lived in three towns.(Kavadarci, Wroclaw, Bitola)
3.I live in Poland
4.I have lived in three towns and in two countries in 21 years.
5.I don't work (still studying)
6. I am fourth year English philology student.
7. I am first year hotel menagment student.
8. I am an english teacher.
9.I want to have my own club in future.
10. I sing in front of the mirror.
11. I think I am internet addict.
12.I am not allergic to anything.
13. I am taurus.
14. I am short -sighted on one eye and on the other eye long-sighted:)
15. I hate sport
16.I am not a vegetarian.
17. Lately, I adore to sleep as longer as possible.
18. I travel to Macedonia at least 2 times a year.
20. I enjoy horror movies....and then П often do research about the negative characters on the net.
21. I like reading Trainspotting ( I have read it more than 20 times in my life)
22. I love different kind of music.
23. I adore RADIOHEAD.
24. I have a 7 years old jacket and I still wear it and not intend to throw it.
25. I love onion.
26. My favourite season is summer.
27. I adore AEGEAN Sea.
28. Н have only been to the dentist 3 times in my life.
29. I used to go to goa trance parties.
30. I don't have a nickname
31. In Poland, people have difficulties with my surename
32. In Macedonia with my name.
33. I love internet forums
34. I love irc
35. The only world famous people that I have seen in my life were Bill and Hillary Clinton and Nick Cave.
36. Once upon a time I took part in a tv quiz and I cheated....and won....but there were no awards:(
37. I cheat from other people's blogs so as to find something more to add because I am too lazy to be original.
38. I believe in God.
39. I smoke L&M lights at the moment
40. I also drink coffee at the moment (and 2 times plus a day)
41. I think COKE is better than PEPSI
42. I hate pepsi
43. I am not saying this because coca-cola paid me.
44. I love kebabs with onion. and shopska salad
45. I love red sour wine.
46. I love beer.
47. Sometimes I love doing nothing for few days.
48. After watching Jerry Springer Show I never thought of migrating to America.
49. I am a pacifist.
50. Sometimes I watch tv, chat and study at the same time....and I love it.
51. I love to read.
52. I once played the piano.
53. I also sung in a choir.
54. I own a driving licence but I don't think that I know how to drive.
55. I hate handy work.
56. Once I ( and many others ) thought that I draw pretty good.
57. In that period somebody stole my Jim Morrison portrait and I was so proud of it.
58. I would like to go to a tarot reader.
59. I am in love
60. I love going to cinema.
61. I am an english language tutor.
62. I don't think I am good at it.
63. I hate beeing drunk
64. I love beeing in control of myself
65. I think I am better in writing than in reading
66. I never revise what I write.
67. I plan to publish a book one day.
68. I would like to live in NY(Jerry Springer exception)
69. I will travel through whole Europe one day.
70. I have a younger brother
71. I learned the greek alphabet 3 days ago, and I don't think I remember it now.
72. I have never eaten sushi.
73. legalize it.
74. I love the sound of the rain with a bit of lightenings now and then.
75. П would like to live in the 20's ( I watched once upon a time in America yesterday and fall in love for De Niro)
76. I have spent more than half of my high-school time in Visage, in Bitola
77. I adore sitting in the park in summer in Bitola.
78. My blood type is A+
79. I have seen every movie with Johney Deep.
80. I am not irritated easily but when I am irritated then the whole world knows it....
81. I love to talk about myself. ( that is not good)
82. I think I enjoy this
83. I often want to be some place else.
84. I am nostalgic and melancholic
85. I am choleric-flegmatic at the same time.
86. I swear too much......u pichku mater
89. I am not good in saving money
90. I don't understand the fuss about Harry Potter....it's just a normal children's book, nothing special.
91. П sometimes talk to myselr.
92. I am writing this for an hour
93. I am lousy in telling jokes
94. I love my family
95.I believed in Santa Clause since I was 8.....and the truth was a trauma to me:(
96. I worked two times as a waiter, and the second time I was fired:)
97. I would like to go to Disneyland
98. I am proud myself because I last till the end of this.
99. And I really think I loved doing this
100. And in the end.....I really looooove life.

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