петок, јули 05, 2002

stupid ticket controllers ruined my evening!!!!! corruption corruption corruption rulez my soul

I was out last night. Пt was extremely boring. But since I am bored to death in this flat doing nothing but staring at this stupid computer I guess I wanted to go out and bore myself in guiness. So first I was at Stanczyk, talking about buissness with young 30year old career-orientated-people and telling myself that I would kill myself if I would become one of them.....
second-We went to Guiness pub and there was nobody in there. There was no live music. Only the waiters and the owner of the pub. But still it was sort of amusing to me....since I packed and went home around 1.30 and got into the 1.42 tram...and guess what. I didn't checked the ticket (i don't know how you mark the ticket in the tram or subway-i don't know the word) and then of course on 1.30 a.m there came the above mentioned stupisd controller who first wanted 64 zloti. I said I haven't. Then he wanted 26 zloti which I said I haven;t. Then he told me o.k give me what do you have (man, he was desperate)...П said o.k I have 10 zloti (and I was so proud of myself on spending onlu 4 zloti on beer that night) and П looked into my purse...and see oh my god....П didn't even have that much.....so П took out few 2 zloti coins and told him-ok this is all I 'v e got take it or we go to the police and make it long. He said-ok, I' ll take them. So
off they went (from the tram) and I stayed on the tram and took off few stops further.

the thing is that.....THIS WAS THE FIRST CORRUPTION ACT IN MY LIFE.....I lost my corruption virginity......I am not clean..so help me god:)

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