вторник, ноември 26, 2002

There is a new playground next to my block. More precisely, two of them. One in front of my block, in the yard of the kindergarten and the other right next to it. Beautiful. I live opposite this big building and besides dormitories. It’s a quiet street but it can get loud sometimes because of the drunk students coming back from downtown, singing aloud. I live on the first floor, I hear everything. Every move on the street is a signal of alert to me. And students are heard from far, far away. They are forgiven anyway, I can recall few nights when me and my friends were behaving in such a way, but on somebody else’s street. I have a nice cheap shop nearby, and an all-day shop, and a bazaar, they sell cheap cigarettes in Arena (shopping center) and my friend brings me L&M lights from Belarus, for just 3.50..who needs more...pizza planet nearby, I‘ve never been there but it is there just in case I feel I want to eat some pizza (perhaps once in ten years).....isn’t this an ideal place to leave. There are 3 cyber cafes near, I don’t know why do they need that much....but still they exist and are full. I hate cyber-cafes. You cannot listen to your favorite music, you can’t smoke, you can’t eat and make dinner at the same time, you cannot watch television at the same time:) Doing-100-things-at-the-same-time is my middle name. Nice to meet you.

thank you for reading my useless post.

Tony Blair I heard, was pronounced to be “the British of all times”????
May I ask for what????? And princess Diane was ahead of William Shakespeare???? What is happening to Britain today? David Bekham, place 33....that really suprised me.

Currently reading: Zadie Smith, White Teeth, page 120+something:)....and so far, heartily recommending. 1 000 000 readership in Britain, this is something that has to be explored.

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