вторник, октомври 08, 2002

Saturday-8: "When I was a Kid..."

  1. What was your favorite song? Do you remember it word for word now?

    too many of them I guess....but there was one I remember....it went like this "I never know what made you go away how can I keep searching when dark clouds hide the day, I only know that nothing is left for me, nothing in this wide world left for me to see.....but I keep on waiting till you return"....and so on

  2. What was your favorite cartoon? If you watch cartoons now... what is your current favorite?

    the one and only " the last unicorn" with the most wonderful music
    it is my current favourite too also " Anastasia" I cried when I first saw it ( I was 18 then)

  3. What was your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Do you still like that dish?

    corn flakes.....I don't eat breakfast now

  4. Were you scared to look under the bed or at the closet @ night? Why or why not?

    no but I always had to sleep close to the wall. I felt more protected then.and also I always had to be covered with something...another self protecting ritual

  5. Who was your first crush? Do you still know the person?

    ooooooooohhhhhhh........a long and boring story, I know him but we hate each other veeeeeeeery much

  6. If you "celebrate" Halloween... what was your favorite costume?

    there was no halloween in macedonia

  7. Were you a daydreamer? What did your daydreams consist of?

    i wanted to be a goddamn singer....but nothing turned out .....i still sing to my neighbours ( i mean they have to listen to me, they don't have a choise)...poor them

  8. As a kid... what age did you think was sooooo old? What age do you think is OLD now?

    it was always like 2-3 older then I actually was.......I think I am old now........21.......i have to retire soon

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