сабота, ноември 23, 2002


FIRST, I just came back from amazing concert in Wroclaw filcharmony, I listened to "Planets" by Gustav Horst....it was really marvellous, I think I should visit this object more often in future, it is a different feeling to hear it live. I adored the parts about Neptune, Saturn and especially Jupiter.

SECOND, I have a computer.....so that means....more more more more and still moooooooore posts

THIRD, and in the same time the main reason why I am so excited is the search engine refferers from my blog stats.....most of them are really ridiculous....to quote some of them: Google: dinara 2002 guestbook
20 Oct, Sun, 03:46:18 Google: online shoping belgrad
21 Oct, Mon, 11:07:24 Google: zeleznicka stanica Skopje
24 Oct, Thu, 06:45:35 Yahoo: kafane macedonia
28 Oct, Mon, 09:57:12 Yahoo: gisha photo
31 Oct, Thu, 04:56:24 Google: polni serbia
03 Nov, Sun, 14:33:23 Google: autobus beograd skopje
04 Nov, Mon, 06:41:03 Google: "Best Alternative Ballads"
04 Nov, Mon, 17:49:43 Google: something died inside me today
04 Nov, Mon, 21:23:33 Google: skopje+prostitutki
06 Nov, Wed, 22:27:42 Yahoo: love sms on macedonian
09 Nov, Sat, 03:26:25 Yahoo: help with college entrance questionare
14 Nov, Thu, 15:05:24 Google: idealist(nf) + career
16 Nov, Sat, 19:01:55 Google: opis na rabotata
17 Nov, Sun, 00:45:31 Google: "so maki sum se rodila"
17 Nov, Sun, 13:33:20 Yahoo: razglednici od ohrid
18 Nov, Mon, 14:20:26 Yahoo: hoteli v makedoniji ohrid
19 Nov, Tue, 18:37:34 Yahoo: shoping addiction
23 Nov, Sat, 16:34:25 Yahoo: I want buissness with Macedonia

I especially adore the buissness with MAcedonia......and little sorry that it wasn't specified what kind of buissness he or she was interested in....

anyway, having stats is really interesting sometimes!

have a nice sathurday evening, I won't, classes tommorow.

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