сабота, септември 28, 2002

huh....here I am back in Poland.
The blog was deserted by me and by you but from now on..at least I am going to stay here for good. Still waiting for a new modem to change the look of the blog for the autumn (god I hate autumn)

The news is

I am back, I am a 4th year student now (i mean from tuesday) and I begun hotel menagment school today. It's not very intellectual but it's really interesting so far. My TV is not working so I visit my parents more often so I can see whoever some new junk mail that I have to delete every ******* day.


the autumn resolution

I need to :

1. loose some weight
2. find myself some subject for M. A thesis (if anything comes into your mind please let me know)
3. SAVE SOME MONEY and I think it is the hardest part of it all. I mean if I am about to save some money I need to stop smoking, eating, drinking, meeting my friends, don't go to college, not going out of my flat at all.......or finding some classes (I don't have any by now...ok I am only 3 days here)....Anyway if I don't find classes it will be a reaaaaaaaaaaaal disaster....I mean a REAL one.

another news is that my room-mate leaves so I have to search for a new one...

the only conclusion of what I have written so far iiiiiiiis-I HATE AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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