четврток, јануари 31, 2002

one more exam ooooooooooooh baby one more exaaaaaaaaaaam
and I am free as a bird
for one month
is there anything else to dream about??????????
so one more exam celebrate and dance so free tonight we are going to celebrate one more time (taaaaaaraaaaraaaaaaaaaraaaraaaaaaaaa)
working sleeping doing exams
harder faster stronger better
if I had another chance in life
I would have chosen another college........

a little mix of the french dance scene made by ania krazybalkan:)
I 've got one good news and one bad news
the good is that there is something marvellous like blog pro...it has lot's of things that a blogger can dream about but the bad news is that you have to pay it so I am going to stick to this beautifull fantastic and FREE blog this menu:)))
and there is something more that I have to do today:

Jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring
» to the left of me: Leah.
» to the right of me: Jenny.


четврток, јануари 24, 2002

hot news from Poland, from Lodz to be more precise. Something very terrible has happened. First we have floods again in Poland, the snow has melted (it's 5 above 0) and the water has flooded people's basements (my grandfather's basement gets flooded like 3 times a year). another piece of newsis even more terrible. Few young journalists from gazeta wyborcza had found out that the Lodz's emergency ward had been selling corpses (or in the medical jargon "skins") to the undertakers. So an undertaker firm was paying the doctor 1200zl for one skin. Very soon the doctors (or somebody else) begun to poison the casualties which he/she was supposed to help. The witnesses say that people were killed with a special poison which make the work of the musle to stop.This is something that would make a great script for the next Hollywood blockbuster but not here......damn.....not in the place where I live.
Doctors say that this thing is not possible to have happened....I wish I and the rest of Poland could believe them....

it appears that there is one more blog attached to my blogger list....I swear I have nothing to do with this, I must have been drunk:))))))
I wonder how is the weather in Macedonia lately (I'm going back in 3 weeks and very happy about it), here the weather is beautifull....it doesn't seem like winter anymore cause it's more like true late october eventhough it gets dark sooner (I happen to love the absence of sun lately)
I'm in the middle of the exam session and I am doing extremely well so far......geee I am truly proud of myself:)))) yesterday I got 5 (my only 5 in the index this semester, + 5 is the highest grade) on sla (second language aquisiton) and I can't do anything but to write this down and to remember it for a long time, I don't know when is the next 5 going to happen. My teacher's carrear is going pretty well, this is the only ok on methodology subject that I got so far....anyway in 2.5 years time I am going back to Macedonia (at least I plan to) so if anyone wnats to offer me a place to work in some language school I am ready for your offers:))))))))))) (Macedonia is famous for the high percentage of unemployment so I have to plan it earlier:)
In one week I will be celebrating something like diplomska here in some restaurant with all of the colleges from my year at college and I am really happy because I finnaly found myself a partner for that evening because lately it turned out that from my closest circle of friends I will be the only one without a partner....but that's not the case anymore:)))) I also bought myself a pretty cheap dress which was once very expensive but long live bargain sales......I wouldn't have anything to put on if it wasn't for them:)
another piece of news is that I have new, yesterday installed windows (98:))) and now everything works smoothly so I won't curse my computer anymore......
It's 20 to 7......have to hurry....bye:(

петок, јануари 18, 2002

long time no see again......but this time I have warned everybody. This two weeks were extremly busy and boring so they were not worth mentioning. I have written 1 exam (passed) and 2 tests so far ( one passed one I shall see today). right now I am trying to print a document about ancient Egypt, precisely about Ozyrys and the burrying customs in Egypt but as usual something is wrong with the printer. After cursing and wanting to throw the printer through the window it occurs to me that it is the black ink which is absolutely spent. So I will print the document in color, in green I guess because that color will make the teacher enjoy while reading it :)))))) (yeah, right) and maybe she will forget about my poor polish vocab and grammar. Since I am connected to the net right now this printing thing of 5 pages will take very long.AAAAAAI hate this computer crap on which I am cursed to work. When I am writing this the connection with the net gots crapped so the printing goes smoothly and quick.
I have set up some discipline in my everyday life because of the situation in which I am stuck now. however this discipline wont help me next week because there is a lot to be done. I don't feel myself capable of doing this.......but whathever, I don't seem to have any choice but to do it. So .....
I don't have any new mail, nobody cares how I am doing right now, but I can manage with this also......I really need to go out tonight and I surely will......little relax will surely do me fine......or bring me hangover.....:) we shall see
connection attempt number 10.............gee I love my internet provider

среда, јануари 09, 2002

just.....to leave something from inside this blog is closed from now till I don't know when....at least till the time when I get an inspiration for writing and when I cool down a little.....
The only thing I could write about right now is about my exams and I don't think that would be an interesting subject to write on and even worse.....TO READ IT:)(damn it I am in the biggest panic in my life)
So farewell for now my dear visitors and pls come back when you get the intuition that there is something new in here.....who knows maybe it will?

понеделник, јануари 07, 2002

The coffe I am drinking at the moment is too strong....so I went to add little more sugar but it dosn't help.....had to add a little more milk....ok now...it is la festa....definitely too strong

anyways, I am back to the normal daily scedrule and I still begin my day in front of the computer but at the moment contemplating the previous year which was catastrophic for the world, my country but it was quite fine for me. My personal life started to be more worth living and my education....far better (have I ever mentioned the english literature exam.....for now it is the succes of my life).The thing that stays the same is that I still want to come back to Macedonia and at the same time I am afraid about my future because the unemployment there is so big that I am afraid to present the right percentage on this blog.

I just wanted to say that the previous two weeks were marvellous for me eventhough they were not ideal. They were too ordinary too simple and I really didn't wished for more that I had at that moments....now they are gone but I don't lose my hope that they will soon come back......for now back to my daily scedrule....writing classes with dear mr. Sullivan at one...so I log out and wish a nice day for everybody visiting....again:)

not to forget.....playing : velvet underground.......hahaaha that's how I feel right now

недела, јануари 06, 2002

I am back.....again on the eight floor wondering what I will do with myself in the next few weeks of examination session :(
and I must say I am truly suprised because I can't say I am sad.......I am glad that my apartment is warm and that there is a pretty much civilization around........no, I am not sad.....I am just feeling kind of empty. Again though this is only temporarily .....until february. In february I am going to travel again and lying to myself that it's there that I live........not here....and lying to myself that I will have where to come back in 2.5 years time.....unbeliveable

четврток, јануари 03, 2002

first of all

happy new year for everybody visiting here ocasionally or not and may all your wishes come true blah blah blah (I'm sure you are bored by all those greetings already and do not mind me adding another one)
If you would ask me I would say that I have been buusy recently celebrating and I would had really written something more today but I am in a cyber cafe and this pc is TERRIBLE it is a real disastter and eventhough I have lot's of things to write about I wont..........I simply can't

I hope this day was better for you than mine.............
I think I will go home before I start throwing out all my negative energy on this poor web-page........that would be the smartest thing for me to do in this very moment
so cheers