четврток, јуни 27, 2002

it's been a month since I have written something on this poor devastated and ridiculous blog. Nobody comes here so what's the big deal, I don't know. Shall I say that I write this for myself, П could write a diary for it and I do , all that is written here is meant to be written for somebody to read. So there is no sense of lying to myself and to all of you casual visitors. I added a comment page in case anybody would like to say something and in case somebody was too lazy to write in the guest book.
Anyway we have a beautifull sunny weather up there in Poland. Wroclaw is wonderfull these days. Concerts, street artists, end of exams, pubs working all night, everything is perfect. In few weeks time I will be in Macedonia. Sitting in the garden, reading some samrt books, and yes....learning spanish, french and buisness english....I have some books and I will try to make some use of my free time. I will try to get a job but I don't believe this will be possible, and I still hope to have one ......eternal optimism is going to destrory me some day.
I have passed all my exams, I will get a diploma soon and yes.....I am finally something more than a high school graduate....jeeeee....english teacher.........yuk!
and two more years in this crazy institute....poor job oportunities, poor salady oportunities, bunch of lazy children waiting for me to teach them present continous tense.....or phrasal verbs.......YUK!!!!
but anyway......it's summer, officialy and unoficially......3 months of nothing in fron of me. This will be the longest vacation in my life......

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