среда, мај 29, 2002

Thoughts on Sunday
(or an attempt to be creative while beeing bored with everything and everybody and at the same time a recollection of a spring evening/morning is at the end of the 90’s)

A. Past

1. something happens and it’s aim is to provoke jelausy-failure!
2. drunk juvenile voices, guitar agression defeated by lowering the stereo, the says –time’s up and again I don’t have money for taxi
3. an evening ago everything was so simple-fear, o self esteem and loads of beer
4. all the exsistential thoughts get messed up with nicotine smoke swirling around the light and faces with make up are flirting with their reflections on the mirror
5. hang-over, zero coffe (they say It doesn’t help anyway)
6. I happen to love the sun from time to time

B. Present

1. Everything is in a magic circle, you cannot go out of it
2. don’t be afraid, noone will steal your indifference
3. don’t fly, metadons are expensive
4. there is always tommorow till you die
5. life is a walk with glass umbrella around the stone rings of saturn
6. maybe one of them will hit you
7. maybe one of them will hit you soon

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