понеделник, декември 17, 2001

Book-A-Minute Classics: Beowulf

this is where u can read all the most important books in the world in less than a minute each.....
I'll copy one of the books so u can just check it for yourself.


Hrothgar:Let's build a big old dining hall and call it Herot.
(They do. Then Grendel, an ugly guy, takes over Herot and eats people. Beowulf rips his arm off.)

All:You rule, Beowulf.
(Some people make SPEECHES and tell IRRELEVANT STORIES. Beowulf kills some more STUFF.)

Beowulf:Wiglaf, I'm dying. See that my funeral pyre fits my greatness.


недела, декември 16, 2001

this is something new and if u don't have what to do on the net and you speak polish.....don't be afraid to come over:)Again, you will see a blog, but this time it's not only mine so you are not going to get bored from me again
Right in the moment I feel WRECKEd and also EXCITED because I just came back from Zieleniec and I was actually skiing (or whathever it is written ) today. The last time that I had actually skiied was (what is the pst form of ski?????I can't find it in a dictionary that lies on my table for emergency moments lie this one) so it was actually 10 years ago....but I think I did it well......so overall impression excellent:)
and I tell you the mountains are the best place to drink.....no hangover after (this was the situation for the 6 of us)
in Tuedsay I am going to spend 2 days in train.......pray for my survival:))))going to cross 4 countries in a day.....(one of the few interesting facts about the trip)
as I said.....I am pretty wrecked so if u excuse me......I really need to get some sleep so good night and sweet dreams

четврток, декември 13, 2001

again doing 100 things at the same time
2 journeys waiting for me....one to the mountains one to the balkans...
and at the same time writing here and talking on the irc....trying to organize a meeting with friends from forum next week in skipje....we shall see.......
so boka for now...
as I said....
I am a busy girl

вторник, декември 11, 2001

Macedonia Search by The Imperial Network.....lot's of new things to be seen here
interesting animations with bush and Britney, mp3 from Amdi Bajram ( a gipsy mp in Macedonia), cyber guy:)))) the last one just killed me......I had made myself a man with Brad Pitt's face.......how could they not include Johnny Depp there I wonder
Today is going to be a busy day. First going to the railway station to be shocked by the new prices of tickets, then to exchagne some money then to the library to write a reaction papers, after that class on history of the english language....interesting innit?
and the long song "Child in Time " has just finished (thank god)....
a little something that I remember about the song is that long time ago (during high-school) I used to spend lots of time in a caffe-bar (non-exsisting today) which was called.........goooooooooooooood........my memory is finished, I don't remeber the name I am sorry. The thing is that there was a woman there, about 30 (with bad reputation of course) who kept asking the waiter to play this song 10 times in one evening and it was a little bit toooooo fucken much for me.....so I started to hate that song from the bottom of my heart but now, when I decide when to play it....I begun to like it again:)))
now playing...."soldier of fortune", this song also reminds me of something but.....I have to go, so I will leave it for the next post

понеделник, декември 10, 2001

I've just got back from M's where we seen "the 4 weddings and a funeral" (the funeral part was pretty sad)
of course we had 2 beers and of course the two non-smokers had lighted a few to make me a company ( as always......hahahaa)
this weekend we are going to the mountains, to Zieleniec.....so it will be a big trouble for me.....like.....what if I catch cold, what if I break a leg while skying......anyway.......the temptation is too big for me to resist, so I will go :)
Monday with big M is heading towards me
Wednsday with big W.......I am going to see somebody I miss so bloddy much......one more week........I will survive (I had survived 4 months:))))for now)

I think this is going to be a wonderfull month
and college........
fuck college.....what is the rest of the year for???????????

петок, декември 07, 2001

my list wish part 2

places to visit:

2. USA
5. Berlin
6. Amsterdam
9. Sanct Petersburg
11. Zagreb
12. Sarajevo
13. Athens
15. Barcelona
16. Jerusalem

to buy a harley davidson
to make a big colage from newspapers
to record a song in a studio
to give money to charity organizations
to see all Van Gog's works
to take drawing lessons
to work something what I love not what I must
to meditate on Stonehenge
to get a natal horoscope
to listen to my mother:))))
to move from home as fast as possible
to buy a piano and play the moonlight sonata
to perfect my english
to learn italian, spanish and German
to know Greek at least a little
to quit smoking in 5 years
to stop spending money on bullshit (coffe here, coffe there....)
to become more responsible
not to leave everything for the last day
to clean my room more often
to have more time for myself
to learn html, java

enough for today....

I can mention that yesterday I had a very nice time at guiness eventhough I quarreled with one guy (so we can skip this) but overall it was ok....
I must visit my granfather today....buy him newspapers, by him headphones for the walkman
learn some psychology
learn some grammar
and ....not going out this weeken (no money:)))

четврток, декември 06, 2001

yesterday I took a look at my diary from 1999 (I was writing diaries from 1993 I guess but most of things that I have written are lost and gone forever) and I found something very sweet and I decided to put it here in case this diary gets lost also.......
so here it is

100 wishes
by me:)

1. never to say never
2. never to give up (to try again twice, thrice and so on......)
3.not to bother about the details
4. to finish college and to get a degree
5. to visit England as quickly as possible
6. to make my own web-page (this one is done)
7. to write a novel (i think this wont be done until i retire)
8. to publish my poetry (also web publishing possible:)))
9. to make a driver lisence
10. to see radiohead live
11.to see a show in Broodway
12. to make lots of money:))) (yeah right)
13. to read everythign Sheakspeare wrote (1 third came true)
14. to have a show on the radio ( I had in school)
15. to visit all the anniversaries of my graduation
16. to stay in touch with my old friends
17. to visit Macedonia at least one a year
18. to try to come back and live there
19. to learn to play a guitar
20. never to stop writing a diary
21. to have a million cds:)))))
22. to practice yoga
23.to have a family

I will finish the list later.......

вторник, декември 04, 2001

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listening to cypress hill-trouble on zwei (where else)....
I am afraid......I am lazy.....I cannot work....I have too much work and I haven't done anything......that's bad, that's very bad.

Yesterday me and 2 Magda's , at a new pub near the institute....altana (we call it blue pub eventhough everything is wooden and tropical there)...again......missed 2 classes.....felt guilty......counsciense working.....and we made a promise, like for now on......no going out, no missing classes, no pubs, no cigarretes (i didn't promised this it would be a lie).....and I mean.......enough is enough.......5 exam in january....3 weeks holiday before is.....and I don't study during holidays......so that's why I had to do this now, or never.......

merry xmas!!!!!!

недела, декември 02, 2001

long time no blog this menu opened......
shame on me.... And I was so dammn sure that I will update often......but look at my day shedule.....waking up at 8 a.m going to the institute, staying there till 5 p.m until I get hoem it becomes 6.p.m and when I am at home I just want to eat something and to watch the news and go to sleep......and the weekends....mostly fullfilled with vacumcleaning, dustcleaning, shelves -cleaning and brain-filling with new short stories, new quotes from Ellis' SLA and more grammatical rules, in case I have to be an english teacher in future.....
that's life.......and of course, weekend begins on thursday, you go to jatki, you have 3 beers, you dance a little and smoke too much cigarretes and then you go home.friday is the same, sathurday is the same......
on the 17 th december, in the evening I am leaving this beautifull town (i really happen to love it, i used to hate id but i guess i didn't know that one can really have fun here:)and I am heading NA PAT DO MAKEDONIJA (on a road to macedonia ) together with my friend who studies in Krakov (the same thing as I do)....I am going to spend 3 weeks there.......it is enough:)