недела, февруари 03, 2002

yeaterday was kind of aniversary for me. I remembered about it 5 minutes ago when I took a look in my old diary (98). It's a fifth aniversary of me feeling for somebody....I still do.Had a nice thursday (guiness pub-live music) and a nice friday( diplomska-mainstream music) and it turned out that I spent more than I had ever imagined I could. Again. I have a guilty consciense right now.....Anywayss I was strong enough to say no, I won't go out on Sathurday....and I didn't. YEAh....I am proud of myself (from time to time)
I am too lazy too study, too lazy to do anything so I sind myself thousands of different obligations to do except for sitting in front of the bunch of xopied notes from history of the english language....and the clock goes tickling and counting the hours (3 more days) and I haven't done anything useful.
The scary part of all this is that I don't really listen music lately. It's unbeliveable. Music has always been one of the most important things in life for me. Now....silence in my room. Maybe I am just getting all...that happens to everybody right???I saw A. Morisette today on mtv. I hate her because her voice reminds me of the days when I actually enjoyed music.(97/98) Or maybe it was because I listened to music that I could enjoy. (lately I cought myself singin to britney spears)....
ooooooooh nostalgiaaaaaaaaaaaa :((((((((((((

btw. have you eer visited www.pornolyze.com????
go there and write down http://macedoniania.blogspot.com
and...enjoy the result:)))))
and remeber, it wasn't me

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