четврток, јануари 24, 2002

hot news from Poland, from Lodz to be more precise. Something very terrible has happened. First we have floods again in Poland, the snow has melted (it's 5 above 0) and the water has flooded people's basements (my grandfather's basement gets flooded like 3 times a year). another piece of newsis even more terrible. Few young journalists from gazeta wyborcza had found out that the Lodz's emergency ward had been selling corpses (or in the medical jargon "skins") to the undertakers. So an undertaker firm was paying the doctor 1200zl for one skin. Very soon the doctors (or somebody else) begun to poison the casualties which he/she was supposed to help. The witnesses say that people were killed with a special poison which make the work of the musle to stop.This is something that would make a great script for the next Hollywood blockbuster but not here......damn.....not in the place where I live.
Doctors say that this thing is not possible to have happened....I wish I and the rest of Poland could believe them....

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