вторник, ноември 27, 2001


I won't be updating too often ( for now I guess I have been more than regulary updater)
I don't have time to think about life
eventhough I have time to stare in front of irc and tv and in front of a beer surrounded by lud music
I really do not have time to think about life in general
and this was supposed to be the main topic of the blog, at least it's subtopic says so "about me, my life........"(how unoriginal.....but damn it , who says I am original)
even if I have time to think about life in general I am too lazy to do it
I can say that I am reading a very good book by Kurt Vonnegut........Fates Worse than death. The book is about his life in general, about his father, mother, sister Alice, Ernest Heingway, Henrich Boll, bombing of Dresden, Jackson Pollock.......and it is the hell of a good book.
Collocvial, sweet, inteligent, open, smart, wise, experienced, secure, ironically-sarcastic but yet still innocent language
I guess I am gouing to write a degree paper on Vonnegut.......he deserves it:)))) ( I wanted to write on Irvine Welsh but since I would be the only expert on the subject.....it's not really acceptable)

In 2 weeks time I am leaving for Macedonia
I am very happy about it
I spend too much money I cannot control it I guess I need to see a Pscychatrist......but he will cost me also.......

thanx for coming
thanx for looking at this letters and asking yourself "what the hell is wrong with her"
the thing is, I don't know it anyway
but does it matter

sign my poor guestbook pls.....

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