сабота, ноември 17, 2001

There is a place back in my hometown where every day I used to give 20 denars for cup of coffe and smoke 20 cigarretes.I don't know if it was worth doing only there, but I used to enjoy it. Sometimes (oh, god..sweet 16) I used to escape without paying for my coffe and in that case I had saved myself money for not walking home but going with bus. Of course those were only exceptions, because it was stealing and I am not a thief, I had to keep my reputation....which frankly speaking i didn't have.
I used to live in a town not known to the 99,99% of the world population so I now take this change to desribe it in few words. The town is ok, neither big or small,you can live there normally and safely. It's not expensive, you are in contact with all the blessings of the western civilization eventhough u r actually too far away from it, but in that time you don't know about it and you don't really care. After soem time you realize that it gets too boring and you escape. And finally, after managing to escape from it you realise that there are not good and bad cities, there are only good and bad moments in life, boring or interesting. Everywhere you go you can go the same things, you win or loose you walk in circle, it doesn't matter when and where, the meaning and the feeling actually stays the same.......

(part 2 later)

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