вторник, ноември 13, 2001

A little something that i wrote last year.....

She was standing in a shadow. The shadow had the color of ink. She felt like if someone had poured that ink on her. Autumn was coming. It has always been like that in autumn. But she thought that maybe this time it would be different, that this autumn will be a crown to the most beautifull summer of her life.She wasn't asking for much, she only wanted to take a little piece of him with her. She didn't make it. All her hopes crushed. Only a shadow was left from the summer. A shadow means a rest in a hot july afternoon. A shadow means a curse in a September morning. Just like today, 29th of September, anno domini 2000.
She used to dream a lot. Some people would kept coming to her in her dreams.She got nervous because they were not excatcly the ones that she wanted to dream about. She couldn't control her dreams. She wanted to live through all this in her dreams. She reminded herself of the curse-May god give you everything you have ver wished for and then take it away from you. She never believed in that curse, but someone just had to throw it to her. In the times when she didn't have it, she used to think that if she finally takes it nobody will ever have enough power to take it away from her.She was wrong. That morning she undrestood she was wrong.

She was sitting in her room at eight o clock in the morning. Again she woke up at 7 eventhough she didn't have to. She couldn't sleep. And all she wanted was to sleep. She thought that if she sleeps she will rush up the day, rush up the year and that summer will be here again. There will be no such summers anymore. Nothing will be the way it was before.

part two yet to come :)

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