среда, ноември 07, 2001

today was a great day.....I mean nothing particular but one exception.....I always wanted to see Andy Warhol's works......and guess what.... I SAW THEM TODAY:)))))
and I am so very excited, i spent 3 hours in the gallery, paid 10 zloty (half-priced tickets), spent 1.5 hour staring at the series of ladies and gentlemen, myths, the gold book, maos and other extraordinary images and then about 1.5 hour watching a documentary about the genious himself.......

this is one of my favourite quotes from andy......put coke instead of tab:)

"You can see a billboard for Tab and think: Nancy Reagan drinks Tab,
Gloria Vanderbilt drinks Tab, Jackie Onassis drinks Tab, and just think,
you can drink Tab too. Tab is Tab and no matter how rich you are, you
can't get a better one than the one the homeless woman on the corner is
drinking. All the Tabs are the same. And all the Tabs are good. Nancy
Reagan knows it, Gloria Vanderbilt knows it, Jackie Onassis knows it,
Katharine Hepburn knows it, the baglady knows it and you know it."

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