сабота, ноември 03, 2001

A MEMORY...........

We sit in front of St. Dimitrija' church. We can't see the moon because the houses and the church tower block the sky. Her, talking nonsense, and me drinking cheep beer bought from the nearby store. In front of us people walk to and from the bar. We will go there too later but now it's too hot inside and I had grown enough not to stay at the lobby anymore. Everywhere around me people are drinking beer or wine, I don't know them but I feel safe having them by. I feel I could tell them everything. I have just come home from the summer holidays and all I want is to see him. Finally he comes. Of course, he doesn't see me sitting on the church stairs. He just goes straight to the bar. I drink the beer in a record short time and leave the empty bottle next to my friend so she can take it back to the store. You have to take the empty bottles back to the store because the saleswoman won't sell you beer anymore. I walk inside the bar. Two pairs of stairs, I take the door in front of me. He is not sitting in the first room; he is in the other. Ok, so I continue my long walk. I can see his back through one of the little windows that connect the two rooms. And I enter the room, but I pass it quickly and go to the bathroom. It is free. I splash my face with water. Oh my god, my make-up. Ok, smile to the mirror, yeah yeah you look fine. I walk out. I go right behind me. He doesn't notice me or at least acts like that. So I sit next to him. He looks at me. I look at him. He has green eyes. He is smiling. I hug him. He kisses me. I think...oooooooh god........ How miserable is every summer holiday's flirt to this. How miserable are all emotions towards this. ...This is a culmination, it stays forever.

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