четврток, ноември 22, 2001


As you might know, the albanian terrorists (named themselves National liberation army) had decided to "dissarm", if Macedonia changes the Constitution giving lot more "rights" to their minority. There were long negotiations in Ohrid (between the leaders of 2 greatest macedonian and 2 albanian political parties), which finished 13 ("lucky") August (just 3 and 5 days ago were killed 8 and 10 soldiers, for to be sabotaged the peace agreement) with the so-called "draft agreement", which included: disarmment of NLA by NATO, changes in Macedonian Constitution giving "the citizens of minority communities consisting at least 20% of the population" more "rights" (I will discuss later about them) resembled in 18 amendments, and an amnesty for those terrorists who did not permitted war crimes (which fall in the jurisdiction of the Der Haag tribunal of war crimes).

And so it begin... NATO in August/September came in their mission "essential harvest", and "harvested" only 4.000 light infantry weapons (30% unusable; and 60% older than 20 years). This mission was so ridicilous, that several Non-government organizations organized a parody as a counter-answer: "We harvested the watermelons" in which they collected watermelons, bananas, pens, dolls, eggs, onions, buckets, shafts... even an rubble car! and handed them to NATO as light and heavy weapons (by the way, the expression "we harvested the watermelons" in Macedonian language /not only in SE regions where that crop is planted/ means "we scr*wed up"). Parallely to this "disarmment", in 3 phases, was open the public discussion about the Constitutional amendments.

That discussion was very prolonged, as the amendments were insulting to the Macedonian nation. Namely, for to be [formally] avoided the bi-national or federal state, from the Preambula and the normative text of the Constitution was erased the term "Macedonian people/nation", and substituted with "Citizens of Macedonia", or even "majority population". Also, the Macedonian Orthodox Church was to be put in the same rank as Islamic Religious Community, as well as Catholic, Protestant, etc. Church, Jewish Community and Jehowa's Withnesses (alltogether these have no more than 1% of the population), which was also insulting for most of the Macedonians, Serbs and Wlachs, being Orthodox; this would mean larger access of Islam and religious sects to media (and dividing-up the peoples on religious basis), as well as benefitions in gaining/denationalizing property (ooh, that was the main idea with this amendment: Islamic Community had had many large properties, nationalized after withdrawal of Turks in 1912, some in 1920, and the rest in 1945 after the coming up of Communists, who also nationalized much of the Churches' properties).

So, there were many stretchings about the Preambula, and some more amendments; but finally we succeeded to fight up a Preambula where are mentioned both Macedonian and Albanian peoples (instead "Macedonian people, together with the Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Wlachs and Roms [=Gypsies]..." it now begins "The citizens of Macedonia, the Macedonian people, as well as the part of Albanian people, the part of.... people living within Macedonia...."). But, this crisis around Preambula (mostly emotional) was only for to be avoided crisis around the normative text of the Constitution.

And now you may ask: what are the new rights given to Albaninas (and other minorities, as the Constitution differs "majority" and "minority *communities*", not specifying what kind of communities are they; meaning "ethnic" - some say that this terminology of Constitution brings us up to the Primitive Community! :)) ). Well:

- many laws (considering education, health, funding...) must be voted with at least 1/2 of the parliament deputies origining from minority communities [which means: political blackmail]; - same conditions for voting 1/3 of the Constitutional Court [meaning: they got to be Albanians]; - there is "inter-community council" which could vetoize some Parliament decisions [that would be a kind of "House of Lords"]; - all minorities consisting at least 20% of the population (Albanians are 30-35%, and it refers only to them) have their language official at the WHOLE territory of Macedonia (another version of that amendmet, considering "language spoken by at least 20% of the population" would officialize also Serbian and English, perhaps even Bulgarian and French languages?!?); in local communities that right was present long ago! - new law for local self-government should give local communes higher budget [collected nationwide, not locally!] more ingerences over education, health, planning... [which means: no money for ethnic macedonian pupils/teachers and patients/doctors; planing was already local] and even the right of allying of some communes [= federalization at back door, if all albianian-majority communes are united]/ - the Ombudsman must be voted not only by 2/3 votes of all deputies, but also with 2/3 votes of minority deputies [which means: he must be of Albanian origin, or very close to one]; - same conditions are worth for future changes of the Constitution; - that conditions would be worth even for declaring new national symbols, which means... a black hawk [=albanian national symbol] on our herald and flag!!! :(( [note: Macedonia still hasn't adopted a post-communist herald, and the current anthem contains the non-constitutional words "Macedonians"?!?]; - Macedonian Orthodox Church no longer has any advantage over other religious communities, although it played a very important historical role in survival of Macedonian nation during the 1000 years of slavery of our nation; - The police and the army must reflect the ethnic dispersion in their command structures [which means: all military secrets open to Albanians in a possible future uprising]; - with a final "under-door" verbal amendment, the working quorum of the Parliament was erased (not 61 out of 120, but - no mentioned!), which means sessions with only 5-6 deputies present!!! a worldwide NON-SENSE!

Of course, these constitutional changes would affect many (1/2 or more) of all laws, which are yet to be changed... And who says that this downhill process would stop here?!? Albanians didn't showed any respect to this country, offering the greatest minority rights in Europe that a *unitary* non-immingrant country could afford!!!

The situation at the terrian is still unchanged: albanian guerilla, renamed themselves from "National liberation army" to "Albanian national army" and continued with provocations; 2 days before voting of amendments were killed 3 policemen!!! The hypocricious "international community" tells us: "Treat them as terrorists! We dissarmed the *rebels*, and you accepted the peace demands... There could be no rebels any more!"; but, nevertheless, in practice they still support them: they didn't cut their money flows [earned by albanian narco-mafia, helding 70% of herione market in Western Europe and a bit in USA], they didn't arrest the suspicied terrorists in WE or in Kosovo; they even send generals to *train* albanian terrorists!!!

The hypocricious western leaders and diplomats are, namely, for conserving Macedonia within these borers, but do anything to harm us and to realize the idea of "Greater Albania". What makes them so albano-phils? Yes, there is a strong albanian lobby in WE and US, sponsored by criminal money, which does it - and politicians usially got corrupted; another thing is the theory that all Slavic nations are Russian allies and Western enemies, which is a kind of *RACISM* towards us (Russia, unlike for Serbia, has no real interests in Macedonia; their support is just verbal in the Security council of UN); while Poland and Czech Republic (now members of NATO) are still calm - they let US to do whatever likes, knowing that if they resist, they might be excluded from the Alliance!

However, after 11 September America and the West are no more the same. They understood that the terrorism once sponsored by them [chech the biography of Osama bin Laden, to see who taught him so well] could later turn against them. There were recorded materials of mujahedin fighters in wars in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia; our intelligence even caught them on a video recording! And, as a schlagworth - yesterday, among the captured international Taliban fighters, were 6 having Macedonians passports [the news agencies didn't mentioned - whether they were Albanians, or Arabs, who got Macedonian citizenship with help of the albanian functioners in the macedonian government! Either way, it shows that Albanians and Talibans /aren't they just PERMUTATIONS OF LETTERS :) / work for the same ISLAMIC CAUSE!!!].

And, what are the consequences of all this? Macedonia is up to be defeated (and most Macedonians have no intention to fight for a "multiethnic coexistence" - that's just an utopistic dream, from which we were waken up a year ago). The scenario of remaining of the Albanians within Macedonian borders is even worse than division of Macedonia, as they might breed up enough for to became majority themselves within 7-10 years (having the average fertility rate of 6 children per family, that estimation is really good!), and re-take Macedonia by voting only!!! [that thing happened on Fiji last year; and more nations with lower fertility rate, including USA, Canada and France, would have that problem SOON]. None of the deputies (or intelectuals) mentioned the albanian bitch-breeding and colonization of Macedonia as a problem; none asked for a Constitutional amendment for limiting the child birth of "families unable to support more than 1 child" (= mostly Albanians and Gypsies), neither the easy-to-comply conditions (5 years of residence and few words in Macedonian) for gaining Macedonian citizenship of foreign (mostly - Albanian from Kosovo) immigrants [= colonists]! So, if Macedonia is betrayed, it is betrayed *first of all* by Macedonians!

But, the division of Macedonia would have a great impact to european separatisms! It would be a first time, after World War II, a national border to be changed (other cases, like dissimilation of USSR, Czechoslovakia and former Yugoslavia were just divisions among the federal states; unification of Germany was also so; wars in Bosnia oficially didn't changed it's borders... so Macedonia is to be the first!)!!! This event could encourage more terrorist organizations (IRA, ETA, etc.) that they could success in their separatist intentions, and could trigger new wars for changes of borders!!!

Finally, let's see the geo-strategical constelation. If I were an evil senior official in Pentagon or CIA, I would like to destabilize all other opponents - European Union, Russia, China and Japan. So, the conflict in Macedonia both destabilizes EU and Russia (more precisely - whole Europe); notice that, except ourselves, the greatest economic damage from our war was done to German and Greek companies being investors in our country! If our war (and Kosovo one) finally ends, with no-matter-the-outcome, there should be found new fireplaces - and, as you might reason by yourself - the Baltic region is ideal for that! It's close both to EU and Russia, and would destabilize BOTH! The early source of conflict should be in Latvia, which is less democratic European coutry concerning minority rights, and then expand to south and north (I'm sorry, but I'm just analyzing "If I were"). But, while Balkan burns, you might feel safe, as there wouldn't be a need for new european war by Americans.

So, look how ridicilous is our situation: Greece, who made lots of problems to us during these 10 years of independence (in cluding long blocade of the border /which leads us to the nearest port in Solun[=Thessaloniki]/ and delaying our accompying to the UN family of nations), now is supporting us in this crisis!!! Why? Because they have problems with Albanians of their own (there were 1 million of them in Greece, now having no minority rights, or treated as "economic immigrants"), and would loose their economic interests in our country. Germany is also trying to be neutral, but the opportunism of their politicians is too obscure, so they can't see their interests. They are now leading the NATO mission "Amber fox", but still are not 100% objective in relations to us. France sent a new EU emmisary (the previous, french also, was bribed by Albanians, and was not following entirely the EU commision demands), which is also tryin to be more objective! While the american emmisary was expelled by our prime minister a week ago (namely, with the words: "Osama bin Laden is right when claims that YOU, AMERICANS, ARE THE GREATEST WORLD TERRORISTS", and I don't believe he will return to Macedonia). And... the promised Donatory Conference (after adopting Constitutional changes) is still far of sight, which could collapse the anyway fragile Macedonian economy, harmed also by crisis expenses... Large inflation awatis us!!!

CAUTION: Today(relativly) are the Kosovo parliamentary??! elections. The crisis was formally "calmed" until today; but intelligence services are expecting a soon All-Albanian uprising (concerning South Serbia, parts of Montenegro and Macedonia), which territories are to be added to Kosovo when [they hope - very soon!] it gains independence (it's more likely that today-elected Parliament, having 80% Albanian deputies, would declare that independence at once; but UN governor should put a veto on that decision). So, don't be surprised when you hear new news about our crisis soon.

Be in good health during this winter - and watch news!!! We, here, in Republic of Macedonia, aren't frightened of what's yet to come. We have too much nerves to be burned by small war accidents ;)))


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