вторник, ноември 13, 2001

The worst thing was that she still had hopes that something could be saved, still. That the reason that he doesnt right doesn't have to be the one that he doesn't think about her. Maybe the hope was still with her because she couldn't live in other way than with hope. She ahad always watched the world with hopes evethough she was aware of the worst script that the destiny could have written for her. She wanted to wait. She waited for 4 long years. She waited because she had hope. She would have waited for 10 more if she someone would give her a sign that this is a waiting with an aim. If she couldn't recieve a sign she would think of one. Strange forces used to come to her in her dreams. A voice that used to tell her that she can get everything she wants if she cares about it enough. And she really was fitting in this category, she loved from the soles of her feet to the top of her head. She loved so much that this love was stronger than she was. That love was living instead of her, crying instead of her, speaking instead of her. That love was one with her. She was so damn sure that love couquers all, and if she let this love to guide her she will win. He will be hers. She couldn't imagine a life without him. Everything else wasn't making sense.

She was so daaaaaaaaaaaamn pathetic, will anybody helo her????????

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