петок, ноември 02, 2001

My town is falling asleep in silence
Clouds hid the moon
Dream has been a king here since eternity

Here sleep the town’s beauties covered with stone make-up
And the young boys have fallen asleep with their thick jelly hair
And the cats are napping on the roofs
In the summer
The white walls of the houses are having their rest

I see my town not managing to recognize it
Crumpled, and protected by the sun dust
The stream of the mountain is murmuring quietly
And the wind blows in silence fondling the white hair
Of the old men sleeping.

I can’t see the color of my town’s eyes
Its lids are soft
I kiss them and leave

My town is asleep somewhere near the southern mountains
In the green valley seduced by Morphs
Somewhere far away the dead are resting from life at the white lazy cemetery
I walk in silence.
Leaving you,
I dont even try to turn around
I’m afraid that my tears will flood it’s phlegmatic

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