петок, ноември 16, 2001

What is the purpose of classical music. What is the purpose of dividing music into high and low, into artistic and rubbish? Is it only a way in which people can divide themselves into educated and uneducated, between consumers and respecters, between lovers and ignorants ?????????
Is a classical composer less of an artist than Jim Morisson for example? Do the sprayed cartoons on the walls worth the same as the works of Renuair(sorry if I have written the name wrong)? How far can we discuss art without discussing it the wrong way, what is art? Is it the form or is it the message? Is it the movement of the brush or the message which is hidden in the Andy Warhol’s tomato soups????
What is rubbish, what is art? Is it individual or is it something that had to be understood by everybody not only by those who where told what is the art of some things. Is art mainly a product or pain? Can a happy man be a great artist? Is art a product of frustration or of a talent, or maybe of both..... what is the feeling of producing, creating a work of art, does one do it for himself or for the others to enjoy it and to praise the author??????

Enough questions, going downtown to fill up my beer reservs..........

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