сабота, октомври 27, 2001

today I got so bored that I begun to make a cattalogue for my tapes.....and of course i finished after the 6-th one....I got bored very soon :)

currently listening to marylin Manson-nobodies....on radiostacja of course
someone has misunderstood me again, I got a lousy message on icq and I was perfectly misunderstood.....but since I don't want to mention any names I won't wirte anything else about it. I want to read a good book...if u have read something interesting write to me....I haven read a good book for a very long long time. When I was i Krakow, and it was like a month ago, I bought penguin eddition of The Fanthom of the Opera and kind of liked it, it was good to read while sitting for 5 hours in a train. and since then.....nothing.....I just visit bookstores, see some interesting books but I leave the bookstore with emty hands, the good books are eighter expensive eighter not for sale of course....
I promised myself that I won't go out these two weeks in order to save some money.....and I am keeping that promise....it's easier than to quit smoking
ok....more to come.....after the commercials of course

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