понеделник, октомври 22, 2001

one more ugly day......aren't they too many already???????
it's not my fault.....it's only me getting in the wrong place on the wrong time....and sometimes, not getting into any place where I should go at all
morning, woke up at 5 o'c'clock, I lost my father's tram card so he decided to punish me not giving me the money that I have borrowed him back (which, mind you, were like 5 times more than the fucked up card which has a value mind you again till tomorrow)
so I was too nervous to sleep again and of course I waited for few hours till everybody got lost from the flat and turned on the computer, make myself some coffe, light a cigarrette.......and to try to live again...

and it worked for few hours until i went to college......boredoom as usual
was to lazy to go to learn Italian someday
and went home
and got accused for spending some money from my credit card which o course I didn't spend
so my mother decided that I don't deserve the credit card
like I needed it
and she took it away
and I am sitting here, trying to think positive
thinking like.....you know, it's just a period, someday life will be beautifull
I live for 2 weeks, which will come in december when I will hug the only person in this world that I adore
and wonder again is it worth hugging him
for now, of course the answer is yes.....but.......
i hate but's

ok.....too many frustrated thoughts already

sick of it all

not listening to anything, my cd is kaputt and radio sucks

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