четврток, октомври 25, 2001

first he got into the page, then he started to worry, after that he told her that there is such a page on the net, and they both started to worry.....They felt like someone will kill their privacy. I know that he is going to check in more oftern, after all it's a public blog right? But I told them , there would be nothing about them here. They told me , how can u write a diary on the net and anybody can read it, and I told them, damn it's not a diary.....it's blog......I would never wrote a diary on the net, diaries are boring.....Why would anybody care what I ate for breakfast and where was I last night......they certainly don't know what a blog is. But they can sleep well, I won't mention them......maybe the thing that hurt them most was that they didn't understand a word written here.....and I do it so anybody can understand me:) but....sometimes, it doesn't work out.
I don't see what is wrong in here, no name mentioned except mine, no adress, no telephone number, no date of birth.....
it's said that every intolerance comes from fear
but they will get used to it, soon

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