петок, октомври 12, 2001

Gooseberries.....thos is a link to where I am now, reading gooseberries from chekhov bc i attended 2 short story seminars for this term and by december i will be certainly a short story expert
the biggest reason for me being at the short story seminar is that it is a long story seminar....so, i dont have to read another moby dick again:))))

yesterday I was out with the group from college, in a loud, dark and metal bar......so it was fun and loud....and later me and my two friends were at the guinnes pub and there were lots of english-speaking ppl so we really felt that we are not in wroclaw for a while....anyway after the few beers we vere little tipsy but my friend had saved me money for taxi (i am broke with a big B)and i was brought home with her car...thank u hania:)
and today.....i will rest, no clubbing, no drinking, no loud music.....i will sleep sweets dreams not long after writing this posts and saying hello to all of u who will soon visit my blog

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