среда, октомври 24, 2001

silence......only silence today. Me and my dots:)
been browsing through some blogs, some of which I liked some of which I hated, and there were few I really liked but I won't tell u which were they because i forgot.....anyway, most of them are polish.....from blog.pl
I am so very lazy lately, and a week ago I was all energy, I got so hyperactive that I didn't know what to do with myself, and now....it's normal.....I am lazy, just lazy
thank god I have at least done everything for tomorrow (presentation at conversation classes) so I guess....I am not that bad
Yesterday, i was reading the holy bible.....again, and eventhough I am sort of an atheist.....eventhough I would rather call myself agnostic, I found the bible the most beautifull, most complex, most misterious of all.....and that's why I am constantly returning to it.....it's a nice book before u go to sleep and it's aim is really to make a better person out of yourself.
and with this I will again say good night, morning and afternoon to all of u who will stop by and give me a visit
take care

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