среда, октомври 10, 2001

good evening everybody, it's evening here now.....like....if someone was reading me:))))
i hate it when i am in college from 8 am till 6 p.m
i feel tired, spend too much money on coffe and juice, and run-off
but anyway.....i have to survive this term

yesterday i got inspired from a mail i got and i wrote a verrrrrrrrry long post....but guess what? i clicked on the x button instead of the _ button and my loooooong text had dissapeared and is likely never to return again.....can you imagine the frustration????

do not go to www.projectgutenberg.com......never......
i wanted to find some chekhov short story and guess what i found there???? "die fucken muslims".......maaaaan this is reaallly really sick (it has nothing to do with me taking any side to any war in this world.....i hate war, hate violence, hate when ppl die....)
and i just wanted to read a short story......
and guess what they present themselves as christians.......christian would never do a thing like that
at least not the early christians

two weeks ago i was in krakov and i went to see the polish blockbuster QUO VADIS....and i didn't like the movie....it was too hollywoodish.....but what i like is the idea of the early christianity, the idea of forgiving, loving and justice.....
i loved the character of St.Peter and Paul (only the idea of the character not the acting)
and Michal Bajor acted the roman caesar Neron......i was astonished by his acting skills
i would also loove to see moulin rouge......to see McGreggor and the setting of the movie....
eventhough i have heard that the movie is a failure....but i loved romeo and juliet and since it is from the same director maybe i will like this one too

anyway.....enough blogging for today
got to find that chekhov story
or i get d tommorow

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