недела, октомври 14, 2001

Cloud 9 - Floating along with life

i like the way this blog is written......i love the ideas

btw.....it's another beautifull sunny day in poland and now I am listening to the last album of Nick Cave and reminiscencing my memories from his concert in Wroclaw in may this year.....it was marvellous.....the guy has a great charisma

i want to say sorry for all of you guys visiting my site for my poor English eventhough english is supposed to be my proffesion in life ( the next year I will become, or at least hope to become an English teacher). I have come through many errors in the blosg but most of them are I guess a product of my spontanity....i always post the text without re-reading it and when i see it published I blush because i see that I have made huge mistakes.....but.....nobody's perfect, right?

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