недела, октомври 28, 2001

The Names of -- Umberto Eco

Idiot. Above her head was the only stable place in the cosmos, the only refuge from the damnation of panta rei, and she guessed it was the Pendulum's business, not hers. A moment later, the couple went off -- he, trained on some textbook that blunted his capacity for wonder, she, inert and insensitive to the thrill of the infinite, both oblivious of the awesomeness of their encounter -- their first and last encounter -- with the One, the Ein-Sof, the Ineffable. How could you fail to kneel down before this altar of certitude ?
-------- Foucault's Pendulum, Chapter 1

ok so I've got myself a book......it is very big and u can see above how it is named and who wrote it........and a wonderful quote from what I have read so far

aha........stranger:) thanx for your very usefull reference paper:))))))

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