понеделник, октомври 29, 2001

Lately, I have these very strange dreams (I see dead ppl:))))))))))and worse thing is that I have them constantly the action may be different but the setting and the circumstances are the same. And, the worst it that the action never ends the way I would like to.Sometimes (or even ...most of the times )the action never ends at all, just like in my life......it only begins and when it's the crucial moment.....it stops.......and damn........I get so frustrated
It's like me and him have to meet somewhere, he comes in time, I come in time, we are at the same place but we can't see each other and even if we see I cannot talk in my dream.....
or today I dreamed that I was in a car with someone and the next moment he was dead and I didn't kill him but in my dream I thought that I did and I had to hide the body
or.....war is coming to my town (it's a very often dream) and I see (like in sci-fi movies) some plains firing some coloured misiles.....and of course I have to run to my house to see if anybody had stayed alive, of course they are....but, I am not afraid in this particular dream, ppl are dying around me but I am not afraid.....I tun to a place where he lives, I have to check how is he......and.....nothing happens
or .....I have to cross some grain field all alone at night and nothing happens at that time I just walk.....I try to get to some house at the end of the field......I remember that this is a regular villafe cottage with chicken in front of it.....and when I get there I go to sleep

I would really like more varieties in my dream.....I got bored by those that I have mentioned

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