недела, октомври 07, 2001

i've just turned off the television
war against terror has started
american folks are in front of the tv watching another war in live eating popcorn
and i want you to think about all the fear tonight at cabul
as well as i feel sorrow for all those who died in new york
as well as i feel sorrow for jews, and palestinians, and all the people which are hurt because the big guys are plying with cruise missiles
i only hate the big guys
we r all toys in their hands
our life and death depends on them

and god bless all macedonian soldiers who gave their life for the freedom of the sold country of Macedonia
and god bless all the ppl who truly fight for peace in the world
god bless those who can love their enemy, or at least understand it as a human beeing and stop the war

I'm talking nonsense
these words that i have written are pure bullshit
don't read them

i'll go and watch some movie
and forget about the things that nobody can solve
after all it's asia right?
not my city
(eventhough it has be mine)

dear blog
i feel helpless

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