вторник, октомври 09, 2001

i have to learn some html......sometime

not now......
you know what????i started yoga today........i think i wont like it but i need to go because i have to pass this term:)
anyway, i got 2 wonderfull mails today which made me very very very happy, now i feel warm and safe and know that ppl i care for care about me....that's a wonderfull feeling.i wish i could hug them right now and tell them how much i love them.....anyway.....1200 km......it's nice distance to stay away for almost a year and to try to keep some kind of a relationship.....but sometimes.....like this time, it is just worth to try
when you realize the true meaning of love you realise that you don't have to be together all the time (because that's not love, tha's addiction) it's just the feeling that you and the other person are two different entities but after all you make one. and the distance sometimes ( i repeat sometimes) has nothing to do about it....the truth always wins

i feel romantic today, eventhough i am again tired
i had to look up in a dictionary some 30 names of fish..........geeeeeee.........that was awful.......i hate my conversation classes, nothing personal mr.b ( very un-communicative american trying to teach us some english)
i think i am going to become a fish expert:)

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