вторник, октомври 09, 2001

i have received my first critics and congratulations on my blog......and I want you to know that i really appreciate it.....so thank you very very much for wasting your time of reading me:)

my father's birthday live

4 people in the dining room
talking about politics
my mother and father (polish and a macedonian)at this moment are trying to explain to the couple visiting them (polish) about the same suffering of afgan woman and serbian woman and a macedonian woman......trying to persuade them that they all suffer as much as american women who had lost their family, children and friends from the 11 september terrorist attack. And the couple finds it difficult to understand. They think that only the americans have the right to suffer and they simpatise with them and they think that all the innocent civillians killed in the nato campaign in serbia a year ago (children, women, btw children's hospital also) is a collateral damage

there is no collateral damage folks
at least not for me
every human suffering is worth the same prize
and has to deserve the same attention and sympathy
that's what makes us human
the power to feel, symphatise and forgive
the power to be tolerant, to see the situation from more than one side, to think-rationally

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