четврток, декември 06, 2001

yesterday I took a look at my diary from 1999 (I was writing diaries from 1993 I guess but most of things that I have written are lost and gone forever) and I found something very sweet and I decided to put it here in case this diary gets lost also.......
so here it is

100 wishes
by me:)

1. never to say never
2. never to give up (to try again twice, thrice and so on......)
3.not to bother about the details
4. to finish college and to get a degree
5. to visit England as quickly as possible
6. to make my own web-page (this one is done)
7. to write a novel (i think this wont be done until i retire)
8. to publish my poetry (also web publishing possible:)))
9. to make a driver lisence
10. to see radiohead live
11.to see a show in Broodway
12. to make lots of money:))) (yeah right)
13. to read everythign Sheakspeare wrote (1 third came true)
14. to have a show on the radio ( I had in school)
15. to visit all the anniversaries of my graduation
16. to stay in touch with my old friends
17. to visit Macedonia at least one a year
18. to try to come back and live there
19. to learn to play a guitar
20. never to stop writing a diary
21. to have a million cds:)))))
22. to practice yoga
23.to have a family

I will finish the list later.......

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