вторник, декември 11, 2001

Macedonia Search by The Imperial Network.....lot's of new things to be seen here
interesting animations with bush and Britney, mp3 from Amdi Bajram ( a gipsy mp in Macedonia), cyber guy:)))) the last one just killed me......I had made myself a man with Brad Pitt's face.......how could they not include Johnny Depp there I wonder
Today is going to be a busy day. First going to the railway station to be shocked by the new prices of tickets, then to exchagne some money then to the library to write a reaction papers, after that class on history of the english language....interesting innit?
and the long song "Child in Time " has just finished (thank god)....
a little something that I remember about the song is that long time ago (during high-school) I used to spend lots of time in a caffe-bar (non-exsisting today) which was called.........goooooooooooooood........my memory is finished, I don't remeber the name I am sorry. The thing is that there was a woman there, about 30 (with bad reputation of course) who kept asking the waiter to play this song 10 times in one evening and it was a little bit toooooo fucken much for me.....so I started to hate that song from the bottom of my heart but now, when I decide when to play it....I begun to like it again:)))
now playing...."soldier of fortune", this song also reminds me of something but.....I have to go, so I will leave it for the next post

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