петок, декември 07, 2001

my list wish part 2

places to visit:

2. USA
5. Berlin
6. Amsterdam
9. Sanct Petersburg
11. Zagreb
12. Sarajevo
13. Athens
15. Barcelona
16. Jerusalem

to buy a harley davidson
to make a big colage from newspapers
to record a song in a studio
to give money to charity organizations
to see all Van Gog's works
to take drawing lessons
to work something what I love not what I must
to meditate on Stonehenge
to get a natal horoscope
to listen to my mother:))))
to move from home as fast as possible
to buy a piano and play the moonlight sonata
to perfect my english
to learn italian, spanish and German
to know Greek at least a little
to quit smoking in 5 years
to stop spending money on bullshit (coffe here, coffe there....)
to become more responsible
not to leave everything for the last day
to clean my room more often
to have more time for myself
to learn html, java

enough for today....

I can mention that yesterday I had a very nice time at guiness eventhough I quarreled with one guy (so we can skip this) but overall it was ok....
I must visit my granfather today....buy him newspapers, by him headphones for the walkman
learn some psychology
learn some grammar
and ....not going out this weeken (no money:)))

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