недела, декември 16, 2001

this is something new and if u don't have what to do on the net and you speak polish.....don't be afraid to come over:)Again, you will see a blog, but this time it's not only mine so you are not going to get bored from me again
Right in the moment I feel WRECKEd and also EXCITED because I just came back from Zieleniec and I was actually skiing (or whathever it is written ) today. The last time that I had actually skiied was (what is the pst form of ski?????I can't find it in a dictionary that lies on my table for emergency moments lie this one) so it was actually 10 years ago....but I think I did it well......so overall impression excellent:)
and I tell you the mountains are the best place to drink.....no hangover after (this was the situation for the 6 of us)
in Tuedsay I am going to spend 2 days in train.......pray for my survival:))))going to cross 4 countries in a day.....(one of the few interesting facts about the trip)
as I said.....I am pretty wrecked so if u excuse me......I really need to get some sleep so good night and sweet dreams

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