недела, декември 31, 2006

the Rushdie Experiment

Анонимен новинар (поради безбедносни причини) пишува за тоа како луѓето денеска го доживуваат Салман Ражди, скоро 17 години после клетвата наложена на него заради неговиот роман Сатански Стихови.

Во – експериментот Ражди авторот шета низ Техеран со книга на Ражди во ранец и дискретно се обидува да разговара со различни ле за тоа што за нив претставува чинот на Ражди.

The Rushdie dilemma, I began to understand, was no longer about the writer, but about Iranians—a dilemma that they felt they have to confront at some point of time, although no one is sure when that time will come or how this confrontation would be carried out, and against who.

If Rushdie were to dare visit Iran in the near future, he may or may not receive a fair trial, but he will receive a lot of empathy. But the sad truth is even though empathy is necessary and important for Rushdie in a place like Iran, it will most probably be conspicuously silent in the public space. And what good is that for a dead person.

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