среда, март 28, 2007

потпишете петиција против промена на полскиот устав

во врска со тоа какви промени му се закануваат на полскиот устав читај овде-

доколку сакаш да направиш нешто за спас на милиони полски жени кои од пред се здраствени (сериозно загрозување на животот) и социјални причини (инцест, силување) нема да бидат во можност да извршат аборција доколку уставот се промени прочитај подолу и доколку се согласуваш со напишаното, после размислување, потпиши се под напишаното


President of the Republic of Poland

The Sejm of the Republic of Poland

The Senate of the Republic of Poland

We strongly oppose the initiative of the League of Polish Families (LPR) political party to totally ban the termination of pregnancy by the amendment of the article 38 of the Constitution, namely introducing the phrase “the protection of life from the moment of conception”. We are against this initiative since it creates a serious menace for all girls and women. The amendment of the article 38 will result in a deeper respect for the fetus than for a women’s life. The victims of rape, as well as women, who are conscious that the fetus is seriously and fatally damaged will be forced to give a birth. The pregnancy would not be even terminated if the life or health of a women is threatened. Paradoxically, article 38 which aims at the protection of the every person’s life, would not guarantee the protection of the life of pregnant women.

The LPR’s struggle to amend article 38 will lead to further limitation of the women’s human rights in Poland, among others a right to life, health, and dignity. Many women will resign from maternity due to the risk that in case of problems she would not receive medical help necessary for her survival. Is it this, what the League of Polish Families wants to achieve? The protagonists of introduction of total ban on the termination of pregnancy claim that the human life is of superior value. Yet this statement seems to be full of hypocrisy and cynicism. The League of Polish Families calls for the protection of the unborn life and at the same time struggles for the reinstatement of the capital sentence.

The means the League of Polish Families undertaken to introduce ban on abortion are also unacceptable. The Constitution has been accepted by Polish citizens in referendum. Article 38 has been extensively discussed in social debate. When the Constitution was put to the vote, electorate was conscious that the article 38 has an influence on the Polish abortion bill. It is not a hazard that it does not protect life from the moment of conception. There was no social consent for it. We believe that it is inadmissible to change the content of any constitutional article in a way other than referendum.

The initiative of the League of Polish Families is not only an objectification of a women but also stays in stark contrast with the more liberal law that can be exercised by women in almost all the EU Member States.

We appeal to the President of Poland, Lower and Higher House of the Parliament to refuse all the projects that lead to limitation of women’s human rights: a right to life, health and dignity.

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за тоа како изгледа ситуацијата на жените кои се принудени да раѓаат дури и кога нивното здравје е сериозно загрозено и кои последици тоа со себе носи прочитај ја брошурата (пдф)

или на кратко - овде

вклучи се!



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