четврток, март 20, 2003

ZBORNAK - because sometimes life needs releasing

"I've continued to smoke the odd cigarette here and there this past week. I feel so bad and stupid for doing so, but the problem is I like it. Not the smell, the taste, the slight nausea from not being used to them for the last 5/6 months or even the attractive packaging of Marlboro Lights (which has now been ruined by a massive SMOKING KILLS message taking up half the cover), I just like smoking. I love having that little death stick in my hand, I love moving it up to my lips as it stains my fingers , I love inhaling the noxious fumes and I love releasing that emphysema inducing smoke cloud. I know it's bad for me and those around me, and it's total self-abuse buying a packet and all day thinking "I won't do it, I won't do it", but then, as soon as my guard slips, lighting up before I'm even aware of it and feeling awful when I realise what I'm doing. I blame public transport. If I didn't have to wait around for so bloody long, I'm sure I wouldn't want to smoke, I'm sure I could find other things to occupy my time. There's just nothing else to do at a bus stop apart from smoke."

koga ke razmislam deka i jas nekoj den ke treba da gi ostavam cigarite i deka jas taka nekoj den ke treba da ja olabavam tenzijata na prvoto neshto shto ke mi dojdi pri raka-be it this blog!

brrrrrrrrr,strashno! Ko bev osmo oddelenie pola klas pusheshe, jas ne. Ne deka ne mi se dopagaa cigarite,nego si velev-ne smeesh da pushish, cigarite se skapi, site pari ke ti odat na niv.


PORAKA: listen to your inner voice

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