среда, ноември 23, 2005

troa cinicizam

od prvoklasni amateri, pri ciishto izjavi se osvetli vo mene crvenoto svetlo so napisot- TAKA E !!!

A person who cares for the environment makes no difference if the other 99.99999999% of the population keeps on polluting.
- Gregory

Snow in mid-November? Where the hell did the rainy, windy and equally wonderful autumn go?
- Mйlancholique

Upon viewing a show about a smart, successful woman who married an idiot, I wonder what the Hell she was thinking when she married him.
- Damien

Most people will find their tastes to be superior to others. it just makes them feel good
- Music Lover

The southern states of US, truly, this is where ALL problems lie. Nuke em.
those who say "live life to tha fullest" when they really mean: drink,smoke, and fuck. . .0.o
- Tree
Fiction is always easier to believe than truth.
- Zed

Even more cliched is he fantasy genre. How many more goddamn dragons, orcs, wizards and elves do we need?
- Roy

You cant have everything. Where you would put them?
- Irene

those 50 lb expensive magazines such as vanity fair are just glossy ads with a few air head words thrown in.
- who spends 8.00 for a book of ads?

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